China willing to talk to US, but will “fight to the end”

China says it is willing to talk to the US about the escalating trade war, but will fight if necessary. The Minister of Defense announced it during the international summit.

“If the United States wants to talk, we will leave the door open,” Minister Wei Fenghe said during an international security summit in Singapore. “If they want to fight, we will fight to the bitter end.”

Trade talks between Washington and Beijing broke out earlier this month, resulting in US import taxes on numerous Chinese products worth around $ 200 billion. China reacted again with taxes on American products, good for around 60 billion dollars.

Relations between China and the US are not only at odds with the trade war. The American support for Taiwan and the patrols of the Americans in the South China Sea are also an eyesore for China.

Wei also emphasized in Singapore that Huawei is not a military company. “Don’t think that because the chief served in the army,” he said. “Many former soldiers have established companies all over the world.”

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