COVID-19 far from over: World’s highest number of infections in last 24 hours

There were 140,000 new coronavirus infections worldwide yesterday. That is the highest figure in a day so far, according to the statistics of the website also the days before, new records were broken, with 137,000 and 135,000 infections. . Especially in countries such as Brazil, India, Chile, Pakistan, Peru and Mexico, the number of infections is increasing rapidly.

Around 7.7 million coronavirus infections have now been identified worldwide. 3.7 million people have already been cured, but 428 000 people have also died from the effects of the virus. And while the virus is contained mainly in Europe and parts of Asia, the pandemic in other parts of the world seems to be breaking through in the last week.

Day after day, worldwide records of infections are being broken. For the time being, they do not translate into an increase in the death toll, although this may only be a matter of time. Yesterday there were about 4,600 deaths worldwide.

In mid-April, at the height of the epidemic in Europe, that figure was 8,500 (by comparison, the number of recorded infections worldwide fluctuated when ‘only’ around 85,000 per day).

New covid-19 hotspots

In India, 11,458 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. That’s the largest number of infections in a day so far in the country. In total, nearly 309 000 people have been infected in India, and 8,884 have been killed so far, according to the Indian Health Ministry.

After the US, Brazil, and Russia, India is fourth on the list of countries with the most Corona infections. Despite a lockdown, the country is unable to contain the growth in the number of coronary cases. India does manage to increase the number of healings. By now, almost half of the infected people have been cured.

There were also many new infections in Brazil yesterday. The country now has 828,810 confirmed cases of lung virus, with 25,982 new infections in the last 24 hours and another 909 fatalities. In terms of the number of deaths, the country is also above the United Kingdom and is the second-highest in the world after the United States. Brazil now has a total of 41,828 deaths. In terms of the number of infections, the country is currently in second place.

In the United States, nearly 115,000 Americans have died since the outbreak of the virus. The North American country has the largest number of corona deaths and infections worldwide, and a further 27,000 infections were added yesterday, ending at over 2.1 million.

After New York has long been the hotspot for the virus outbreak in the US, the virus now seems to be concentrated in other areas around it. Five states recorded over 1,000 new infections yesterday: California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona.

In Russia, nearly 9,000 infections were added, and the total now stands at about 830,000. Approximately 42,000 people died.

With 222 new deaths and 6,754 new infections in 24 hours, Chile also recorded its most ponderous daily figures yesterday. “The situation in our country continues to worsen,” said Arturo Zuniga, a person in charge of the Ministry of Health.

The country has a total of 160,846 infections and 2,870 deaths since the virus appeared in the country. Infections continue to increase in the land of 18 million, despite the lockdown imposed on Santiago’s seven million residents nearly a month ago. As of yesterday, such containment measures also apply in the cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, and some other places in the country.

In Pakistan (nearly 6,400 additional cases), Peru (almost 6,000 new infections), and Mexico (4,800 additional infections), the spread of the virus is still on the rise.

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