Do you always attract the wrong partners? This is how you break the pattern

How is it possible that you always attract the wrong partner? Why does that wrong love always find you again? No matter how hard it is, it is often up to you. We attract what we think we deserve.

If we think we are no more worth than that wrong man, we will never be able to break our pattern. Beliefs about ourselves are deeply rooted, and often these types of beliefs arise from past experiences.

Always the wrong partner? This is how you break the pattern

How to understand that you are with the wrong partner

These tips can help you break the pattern.

Recognize the pattern

First, become aware that the same pattern keeps repeating itself over and over. This pattern is often the result of previous experiences, such as previous relationships in your life, friendships, and the relationship with your parents.

For example, if you didn’t feel loved by one of your parents, you’re more likely to look for a partner who feels the same way. You subconsciously hope that you will now feel loved in the relationship with that person, in which you recognize something from your childhood.

Over and over, we go back to this same type of partner or relationship to try to repair the pain of the past.

Stop repeating the past

The child in us tries to repeat the past by looking for the same type of partner over and over again. Then we are disappointed again and again when the weather turns out not to work.

It hurts to realize this, but it doesn’t get you anything by walking the same path over and over again. Try to break the pattern. It can save you a lot of pain in the future.

Recognize that you are responsible for it yourself

Realize that you are the person who is always looking for that type of partner. People come into your life because you attract them.

You subconsciously attract that one person again and again because, deep down, we are convinced that this is what we deserve.

Convince yourself that you deserve better

Only when you truly believe that you deserve better will you be able to find love. Women who are confident and set their limits attract healthy relationships. ‘Bad men’ actually look for women who believe that they are worth nothing so that they can take advantage of this.

Give yourself love, and you will get the love you really deserve. Positive energy ensures that you attract positive people – and keep the wrong partner away. Yes, simple as that. We call it the law of attraction. So change your conviction and go for a positive mindset. You deserve the best of the best.

Learn to love yourself. Also, feel free to take a break after an intense relationship to work on yourself and build your self-confidence.

Open yourself up

Positive mindset? Self-confidence? Open yourself up to new love if you’re really ready. If your heart has been broken in the past, we often lock the door to our heart out of fear.

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