Ear stretching: how to overgrown it

It happens that we no longer like body modifications made earlier, and this is normal. However, we are changing, our views and preferences are changing, and modern technologies allow us to change our bodies.

But if in the case of piercings, as a rule, you can remove the jewellery, the tunnels will give their owner, who decided to get rid of them, a little more trouble. So this article will tell you how to sew a hole in your earlobe after tunnels and injuries.

When you may need to suture your earlobes

  • You wore tunnels and decided to overgrow them, returning the ear to the most natural shape possible.
  • During the stretching of the tunnels, the lobe broke; you want to restore it and pull it further.
  • The heavy earrings pulled your ears back.
  • Many people decide to sew up the lobe after they have caught on with an earring: even with a slight jerk, you can get tissue tearing.

How is the reconstruction of the lobe

  • You take off the jewellery and go to the professional.
  • He collects an anamnesis, finds out if there was any allergy to medications, and talks about how the procedure will go.
  • On the day of the operation, you must not drink alcohol and energy drinks or take blood thinners.
  • You come to the procedure, he injects local anaesthesia and begins the reconstruction process – sutures the ear.
  • Be prepared that some of the skin will have to be removed in tunnels so that the lobe looks as natural as possible after suturing.

After the reconstruction, you follow the recommendations of the expert and clean your ear regularly.

How long does it take for an ear sewn up after a tunnel to heal?

The first reactions – discharge of ichor, swelling, pain – disappear after 1-1.5 weeks after surgical correction. At the same time, the expert will invite you to remove the stitches. But the appearance of the lobe at this stage will be far from ideal: the surface is uneven, the skin is reddened, the scars stand out in colour and density.

Don’t worry; this is not the final result. After 3-6 months, the lobe will brighten, the scars will be smoothed out, and it will be possible to notice that there are minor marks on the skin only with a very close examination. However, such a scenario is likely with strict adherence to the rules of skincare after reconstruction.

  1. The wound should be treated regularly in the manner recommended by the expert.
  2. Do not allow constant contact of the ear with clothing, hair, hats, as this will slow down healing.
  3. Do not re-pierce the ears or put on tunnels until the regeneration process is complete.

When can new tunnels be inserted into sewn ears

If your plans did not include getting rid of body modification but only sewing up the tears, re-piercing and wearing tunnels are allowed. But it is recommended to do this not earlier than six months after reconstruction. The same goes for regular ear piercing. If you hurry and make a new hole before the tissue regeneration is complete, the puncture can subsequently migrate to the side. In addition, there is a high risk of infection with an incompletely healed wound or a new rupture.

Now you know that the lobes can be restored after injuries and body modifications. The main thing remains – to choose an expert to whom you will entrust your beauty and health. Please contact only experienced professionals with specialized education.

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