How to nail your job interview in the first 5 minutes

The first five minutes of a job interview are more important than you might think. They determine the first impression an employer has of you, which can be the difference between getting the job.

How do you nail your job interview in those first five minutes?

This way, you ensure an excellent first impression.

The first five minutes are not only important for the employer but also for yourself. They set the tone for the entire conversation. If you’re okay with it in the first few minutes, it’ll probably give you a confidence boost. But the other way around is, of course, also possible.

We share five tips.

Don’t be late, but don’t come too early either

Arriving late during a job interview is, of course, a no-go. If you’re already late for this important meeting, how can an employer expect you to be on time every day? Leave on time to accommodate a canceled train or traffic jam.

Of course, there is always a possibility that you will be late, but let the person you interview know in time.

When is the right time to arrive at a meeting? About ten to five minutes in advance. It gives you the chance to prepare yourself mentally and shows the interviewer that you can arrive on time.

Arriving very early (for example, half an hour before the conversation starts) is also not done. There is a reason why you have agreed on a certain time: this time is best for the person you are talking to.

Be friendly to everyone

It is important not only to leave a good impression on the person you are having the conversation with but actually on everyone you meet in the building.

From the receptionist to the people you are in the elevator with. It is more common that your interviewer asks

others afterward how you came across to them.

Pay attention to your body language during the job interview

You probably know that you shouldn’t slump during a job interview. And while body language is indeed important throughout the conversation, it is most important in the first meeting. Smile, come across as confident, and give a firm hand if corona allows again.

Make sure you look like you want to be here and come across as energetic, enthusiastic, and interested. Eye contact is important here. Research shows that 82 percent of interviewers believe that sufficient eye contact is a ‘ make or break ‘ situation during a job interview.

Don’t be under-dressed, but don’t be overdressed either

Hopefully, we don’t have to tell you again that flip-flops and crop tops aren’t the right outfits for a job interview. But did you know that you can also be overdressed?

Keep in mind that the employer is looking for someone who is qualified and who fits the team and the culture of the company.

If you arrive at a creative start-up in a tailored suit, you probably won’t make that strong first impression. You can often find out which outfit is best for you based on a company’s website and socials.

Don’t underestimate the small talk

It may seem unimportant, talking about small things before the real job interview has even started. But don’t underestimate this part of the conversation! As we just said, the interviewer also checks if you fit into the team. Small talk is the ideal time to find out.

The research shows that 60 percent of interviewers believe that the quality of small talk determines their first impression.

Tip: research the person you are having a conversation with. Perhaps you have similarities (same study, same place of residence, etc.) that you can muster during the small talk. This way, you immediately establish a connection.

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