How to quickly gain attention in a meeting

Speaking in front of an audience has big pitfalls and hides several dangers. Consider, for example, American films: how many and how many times have people not been in front of a microphone – in a speech, in a lesson, at an awards ceremony – and the audience devoured them alive? Fortunately or unfortunately, it is not at all rare to find yourself in a similar position in your job.

“When you are bored at work, call a meeting.” Old and tried a recipe. Nothing is better to bring energy to a sleeping team than a little good senior competition – when, of course, it is not another unnecessary meeting to analyze the same problems.

Some employees are shining, and others are hiding. In any case, work success (or failure) is often a meeting away. So how do you get a promotion and – why not a promotion? There are some great techniques to help you.

Move from your place

If you think that opening your mouth is enough, then you are making a big mistake. Think: how easy is it to keep your eyes focused on a nail or a significant mark on the wall? Frozen Hands Syndrome can be fatal. Use gestures, do not sit stuck in your seat, be as demonstrative as you can – without, of course, becoming excessive.

The yes and no of a meeting

There are successful questions and trap questions. It is good to avoid the latter when you are going to sell an idea. What exactly do we mean? The answer is almost certainly ” no ” to the question “do you want to buy a pair of shoes”

, the answer is almost certainly “no”. So, it is good to follow a different approach: “Do you like new sneakers?”. “Would you like to walk in shoes that make your feet feel comfortable?” After two consecutive “yes”, the no comes much harder.

The technique of hunting

Nobody likes chewed food, but no one is going to say no to it. If you present the solution you found directly (and without showing the arguments behind it or how much you were trained to find it), likely, your position will not be appreciated. If, again, you create suspense through the arguments you have by implying that you have found the key to solve the problem, then you will be embraced as the Messiah.

The meeting wants interaction

You do not need to look into the eyes of your interlocutors, but looking into the gap has never helped anyone. It is good to make eye contact with as many people as possible to attend the meeting. Others always want to feel important. You have nothing to lose from this.

The magic of the new

Even if you tell the greatest truth in the world, but it has been heard again, it is almost sure that you will not attract the attention of others. People get bored quickly. Very easily. Make sure you drop new papers on the table and watch your colleagues stare at you. After all, isn’t that what you want?

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