US brand calls on ladies to leave their mustache in front of Movember

November is coming, and that also means the start of ‘Movember’, an action for a charity that calls on people to leave their mustache. The American razor blade producer Billie also supports this. They call on ladies to leave the hair on their upper lip.

Billie has been shouting from the roofs for years that there is nothing wrong with a hint of the armpit or pubic hair in women. They were the first to send a video campaign into the world that showed effective leg hair in women. That was a real success and it was repeated several times afterward.

US brand calls on ladies to leave their mustache in front of Movember

Now the brand is also jumping on the bandwagon to help the Movember campaign, which supports male prostate cancer. To do so, they created their campaign to show women’s facial hair and call on women to leave their facial hair on for a month. Billie’s video points out that many women do a lot to keep their upper lip bald. They wax, epilate, shave and laze loose. But that hair shouldn’t be taboo either, according to Billie.

“Of all the places where women have hair, the upper lip remains one that is the most not discussed,” says Georgina Gooley, co-founder of the brand, in a statement. “We are happy to be able to put it in the spotlight in our latest new campaign.”

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