In Guinea, husband kills wife for denying him sex at midnight

A crime of passion occurred this Wednesday in the suburban district of Kindia. Abdourahmane Camara committed the irreparable by putting an end to the life of his wife, Thierno Hawa Sylla. The latter would have refused s3x to her husband in the middle of the night when he was already carried away by his self-desire.

A mother of three children, Thierno Hawa Sylla, lost her life following a fight between her and her husband, Abdourahmane Camara, during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. As excited as ever, the man allegedly beat his wife to death because she refused to have made love with him.

“I was in bed when I was woken up to inform me that Thierno Hawa and her husband are fighting. I came and knocked several times on their door, which was closed. But when her husband opened the door, the woman was on the ground. I asked the husband what is going on, but he didn’t answer me. Her brother also came to ask him; he gave no answer. I went to the woman who was lying down. Still, she couldn’t speak,” explained the neighbor, Mariam Sylla, who immediately went to the scene to try to separate the couple.

“When she regained some of her senses, my mother asked her what started the fight, she replied that her husband wanted to sleep with her, but she told him she was on her menstrual period. Her husband insisted, but she refused. According to her, that’s what caused the fight,” continued Sylla.

When the neighbors arrived, the lady, Thierno Hawa Sylla, was really very exhausted. Immediately, she was rushed to the regional hospital in Kindia by Djénabou Touré and other family members; unfortunately, she finally gave up.

“It was around 1 a.m. (Local time e.d.) that my mother called me on the phone. She told me: Djènè, if you don’t send me to the hospital, I’m going to die. I left immediately for home, and I found that my mother was unable to lift her head,” said Djénabou Touré, daughter of the deceased.

“I asked her what happened, but she couldn’t speak. My father came to tell her to stop scaring people. He massaged her, but my mother couldn’t get up. That’s how she was taken to the hospital. The doctors asked us what happened, but my sister wouldn’t tell them the truth.”

“They told us they couldn’t touch her and asked us to go to the CTépi (Center for the treatment of epidemics). But we found that there was no one there. Finally, the doctors put my mother in a bed. Sometime later, I noticed that she didn’t move anymore, and I knew that she had died,” says Djénabou Touré, who is still very affected by the sudden death of her mother.

After his crime, the husband, Abdourahmane Camara, disappeared into the wilderness. He remains untraceable, but the police have reportedly already begun a search for him, in an attempt to arrest him.

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