Influencer sells her own bath water: $30 per pot, sold out in no time

Want to sell a jar of bath water for $30? In the world of influencers, it should not become much crazier. And yet the absurd action of Belle Delphine (20) was a resounding success. After two days the stock in her webshop already sold out.

The spirited young lady has collected nearly four million followers on Instagram. She doesn’t need much talent for that: dressing up as a sexy figure from the game or anime world (Japanese drawing and animation films; ed) is more than enough. In particular, wigs with bright colors and fairy ears appear to be indispensable attributes.

Delphine does not hide the fact that it is her money. On Patreon donation platform you can start sponsoring her from 1 dollar. If you put 2,500 dollars on the table, you will have access to exclusive selfies and the riskier work.

Influencer sells her own bath water: $30 per pot, sold out in no time
©Instagram – Belle Delphine with one of the jars.

In addition, the pleasantly disturbed girl also sells posters with her own photo and personalized mouse pads. But her last find, it really hits everything. “Yes, this is real bath water,” reads the advertisement on her site. “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath. This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

The crazy idea turns out to be a bulls-eye again, much to Delphine’s own disbelief. “I certainly did not expect such a strong response. Five hundred copies have left in two days. The intention was to sell something funny, and apparently, I succeeded too.”

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