Kanye West releases a new coat with clothing chain Gap

Kanye West (44) has sat down with the Gap design team. Together they release a new jacket: a thick, black puffer jacket without a zipper or buttons. The design is part of the ten-year collaboration between the rapper and the American chain.

Kanye West has had some tough months and years. His campaign for the US presidential election was not exactly a success – he received less than 0.04 percent of the vote – and he divorced his wife, Kim Kardashian. But he didn’t give up. On the contrary: the 44-year-old musician closed a million-dollar deal with Gap and will soon release a new jacket together with the clothing chain.

It is a soft black puffer jacket that is made of one hundred percent cotton. And yes, the garment looks very cuddly. It is striking that it does not have a single button or zipper, on the inside is the logo of Yeezy, Kanye’s brand. It should be clear that it is purely a fashion item, an eye-catcher to show off.

New coat
©Yeezy-Gap – New coat

Lucrative collaboration

The launch is part of the collaboration between Gap and Kanye. The retailer and the designer signed a deal for no less than ten years. That contract does not come out of the blue. In the past, the musician has mentioned several times that he worked in a Gap branch as a teenager, and that experience has always stayed with him. In 2015, he even said, ‘I want to be the Steve Jobs of Gap’.

Through the collaboration, Kanye brings clothing to the market that is somewhat affordable for the first time. For comparison: the new jacket will cost $200. You will soon pay the same amount, or even more, for a Yeezy top.

One thing is certain: this cooperation will not do the two parties any harm. Not only do they count on billions in turnover. Gap has also been in bad shape for a long time, but since the company brought Kanye on board, it has almost tripled in value on Wall Street.

You can currently pre-order the black jacket online. Be quick is the message because the first jacket from Yeezy-Gap sold out in no time. In a matter of seconds, more than 50,000 people were shopping online at the same time, causing Gap’s webshop to crash.

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