Lady Gaga hits ground after fan picks her up and try spinning

A painful moment for Lady Gaga (33) Thursday. Take that literally: a fan that is just a little too enthusiastic has dropped her hard in Las Vegas. The man was called on stage by the singer for a dance, but he could not keep his balance there, resulting in a painful fall.

At the time of the fall, Gaga performed its regular ‘Enigma’ show in Las Vegas, US. She called the ‘clumsy’ fan on stage for a dance. That was just a bit too wild: the fan lifted Gaga but lost his balance while spinning around. As a result, the fan put a foot beside the stage, after which he and Lady Gaga crashed into the ground together.

The audience was shocked and made videos of the event. Gaga fans feared the fall might have injured her, but according to local media, both the fan and the singer remained unharmed. However, Gaga did not get upset: just a few seconds later she was ‘just’ on stage again to continue her performance as if nothing had ever happened.

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