Man lied having cancer to prevent breakup but ends up in prison

When Kevin learned that his girlfriend wanted to leave him, the Briton told her that he had stomach cancer, thus postponing the date of the breakup. For two and a half years, he faked the illness until he was arrested and sent to prison for domestic violence.

Kevin Bevis, a 38-year-old British municipal official, faked his illness for more than two years to keep his girlfriend from leaving him, the Daily Mail reports. Indeed, in May 2017, when she wanted to leave him because they were sexually “incompatible”, the man told her he had stomach cancer.

To remain credible, the father of three children started swallowing up to 20 vitamin pills every day, claiming to be following his “treatment”, while walking in his garden with a cane. He also forced himself to eat little, the British tabloid said.

Pushing the delirium a little further, he announced the diagnosis to his parents, his friends, and even pretended to be uneasy in front of the neighbors. When his partner drove him to the hospital, he prevented her from accompanying him to support him in his supposed chemotherapy. He later announced that he had oral cancer and then a brain tumor.

Outbursts of violence

Despite his alleged “illness”, Mr. Bevis continued to demand sexual favors from his girlfriend. He then behaved violently, grabbing her several times by the neck and threatening to kill her because “he had nothing left to live for”.

He justified his anger by the steroids that were part of his treatment. But the masquerade ended in December 2019, when the woman, encouraged by her daughter, went to the police to get access to her medical history (a British law allows it). There she recounted the acts of violence, leading to her arrest the very next day.

Faced with the absence of any medical trace of his illness, Kevin Bevis confessed his lie to the police, before announcing the deception by telephone to his wife. “I couldn’t believe it,” she told the Daily Mail, “it was something you only read in magazines”. The man was sentenced to 18 months in prison, and a prohibitory injunction forbids him to approach his ex-girlfriend for five years.

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