Nigeria: six powerful joints where teenage girls seduce men with charms

In Nigeria, a bar joint popular known as ‘Six food and beer centres’, in which teenage girls would seduce men with powdered charms prepared for sex have been discovered in the Delta state.

Acording to the media report ‘DAILY POST’ that conducted research and brings together those joints which include: the community of Umunede, on the Nnebisi road, opposite the Grandhotel Asaba, the Ubulu Okiti community, Ibusa Round About, Jakpa Junction to Warri and Uromi Junction to Agbor . In that ‘joints’, teenage prostitutes allegedly attract sex-starved men without suspecting a sexual relationship for financial gain with prepared amulets in powder form.

Their modus operandi, one of them, Elizabeth Otasowie, revealed on Thursday in Asaba was that they, “Frequent Asaba, opposite Grandhotel because men patronize us a lot. The lodgers in the big hotel will always want teenage girls around them for a night and sometimes two nights, and to make us attracted to them. We work with native doctors in Asaba who will pay N40,000 each and we will be given prepared charms to be used on men coming for us.”

According to her, “I am a native of Benin City and our Oba Ewuare11 placed curses on human trafficking and prostitution in Benin, so we have to move into Asaba. My parents are very poor and they could not pay for my school fees and I have to raise money for myself since no help from anyone.

“The charms are prepared with pubic hair and pieces nails including bitter kola nuts by the native doctors on the payment of N40,000.”

For effectiveness, Elizabeth, who claimed to be SSCE holder from one of the secondary schools in Edo State said, “The native doctors warned us against quarrel with our customers after we have robbed the powder charms on our faces, even though the customer initially want to bully us, whatever we want the charms to do for us, it does effectively, I have made a huge sum of money through the charm.”

At the Umunede joint, these teenage commercial sex workers between 13 and 14 years are seen during night falls negotiating with sex hungry men and in most cases clad in skimpy dresses that barely cover their nudity.

There, investigation revealed that teenage girls, who have allegedly sought the help of native doctors to woo unsuspecting customers with prepared powder charms, make unimaginable fortunes than others regarded as ‘old-fools’ who have been in the business for years.

Expectedly, unsuspecting sex hungry men prefer these teenage girls to the ones described as ‘Old-fools’ whose services are termed to be outdated and cannot perform creditably like the teenagers.

At Ubulu Okiti, the story is not different as these teenage girls troop into the community within the hours of 7:30pm from Benin, Onitsha and Owerri till the following morning before departing to their respective cities.

At opposite Grandhotel in Asaba, these teenage girls, many who spoke to journalists said: “Many of us come from far distance and pay high fares to get here and considering the cost of the prepared powder charms, we have increased from N5,000, per night to N10,000. Men are paying us after using the powder to rob our faces, for short time, we will take N4,000 from any man coming to us, but pull over will attract N15,000 for both sucking, romancing and the real sexual intercourse.”

Two of the native doctors, who identified themselves as Micheal Okonkwo, Azagba John claimed, “We moved into Asaba from Lagos when the state government pursued us.

“These teenage girls are interested in using the charms and we prepare it for them to use and not to harm, as long as they observe the rules, it works for them and we will collect our money.”

But the state Commissioner of Police, Mustafa Muhammad, who spoke to journalists on Monday in regard to the influx of teenage prostitutes in Asaba said, “The police will ensure these teenage girls are not operating again in the state.

“I have ordered police Divisions across the state to monitor their activities and bring them to book, the blame is on their parents who will allow them go into prostitution, we have received several complaints about them and we are taking action on them as intelligence gathering revealed that many of them are from neighbouring states.”

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