Players were pushing ambulance During Brazilian Serie A match

Turmoil in the Brazilian Serie A, for two reasons. First it was before the eyes of 54,000 spectators in the Mane Garrincha stadium to a very tough collision between two teammates of Vasco da Gama. Midfielder Bruno Silva lost consciousness and had to be taken away.

The ambulance rode into the field, the unfortunate Silva was put in the car and the ambulance driver wanted to start his vehicle. But the engine refused to kick up. To get the engine back on track, several players from both teams started pushing the ambulance and with success, Silva could be taken away.

The match ended in 1-1, Diego (including ex-Wolfsburg, Atlético Madrid and Werder Bremen) got a red card, but afterwards the players showed themselves especially sharp about the farce with the ambulance. “A lamentable scene”, Flamengo defender Rever called the incident. “I thought the ambulance was joking, but it soon turned out that he really needed help. Fortunately, we were able to put our money in the bag.”

Source: Firstpost

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