Popular vegan caught with a plate of fish: “My health was at stake”

Almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, and no fewer than 1.3 million followers on Instagram: Rawvana has built up a real fan base in six years as the face of an extreme form of veganism.

However, when the 29-year-old woman was caught with a plate of fish in front of her, the dolls started dancing. She fell hard from her pedestal, some fans even called her a “sick cheater”. Rawvana admits in a short film of no less than 33 minutes that she has stopped living the strict lifestyle for two months. Not out of free will, but for health reasons.

Rawvana – her real name is Yovana Mendoza Ayres – gave plenty of tips for vegans in her videos. However, she followed a much more extreme diet than the average vegan and, for example, only ate raw food. She was also happy to show the impact of her strict diet on her body.

Popular vegan caught with a plate of fish: "My health was at stake"

When another blogster unexpectedly portrayed her about a week ago, Rawvana… was eating fish. She was clearly bored with the situation and even tried to shield the contents of the board. But the damage was done.

“Survived 25 days on water”

The fans did not catch the ‘betrayal’, all the more so because Rawvana eagerly advertises her favorite products. As an influencer, in other words, she still deserves a substantial contribution.

Popular vegan caught with a plate of fish: "My health was at stake"

In order to limit the damage as much as possible, Rawvana now comes up with a video. In it, she says that she has been eating fish and eggs for two months.

“I have remained a strict vegan for six years,” the woman swears. “In 2014 there was a period in which I only survived for 25 days on the water. My monthly periods then stayed away for two years, then I thought I was doing well. But in the meantime, I know better.”


Rawvana was told by doctors that her hormones had been confused. Her body was reportedly already preparing for the menopause. “I felt good physically, but the medical tests told a different truth.” Rawvana started to eat more fats and sometimes to cook her food. After two months the periods returned, but they remained irregular.

Two years ago it went from bad to worse. Rawvana had to eat eggs from the doctor’s recommendation, otherwise, she would head straight for anemia. In addition, she also had to deal with a vaginal fungal infection and a bacterial overgrowth in the intestines. Yet she remained faithful to her beliefs all the time.

“I want to give birth to babies”

Two months ago Rawvana tackled, although the “sin” remains modest with just fish and eggs. “I became desperate, I had to find a solution for my health. Then I started considering consuming animal products. I thought that was terrible because I have always considered that type of food as poison.”

Popular vegan caught with a plate of fish: "My health was at stake"

“I also want to give birth to babies, so I first have to make sure that I am healthy myself,” she explains.

“Making money on the hood of vegans”

The fans, however, continue to feel cheated because they did not say anything about it in her videos in the past months. “Earn money on the hood of vegans and then buy animal products. I call that sickly,” it even sounds. And what about the reactions to her ‘excuse video’? Compared to 3,900 ‘YouTube likes’ there are no fewer than 13,000 thumbs down.

“I was planning to play an open card, but at my pace,” Rawvana responds. “I still believe in the healing power of (raw) veganism, I have even conquered my smoking and alcohol addiction with it. This was an emergency situation, but someday I hope to be able to pick up the thread of my familiar diet.”

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