Vegan parents let the 5-month baby starve

Strictly vegan parents starve a 5-month-old baby boy that he lost weight and inability to move. A young couple from Florida in the United States has been accused of seriously neglecting their five-month-old baby.

The little boy received from his parents, who are strictly vegan and therefore do not want to consume animal products, a porridge based on potatoes every day. Five months after his birth, the child had barely gained a pound.

The child, who weighed seven pounds and nine ounces at birth in September, weighed only eight pounds this week and eight of us: in all those months it was only a good pound.

According to the police, who found the child very emaciated last Wednesday, with ribs that crossed the skin, the boy could not move because of exhaustion and lack of energy. “I have never seen a child so close to death,” said police officer Lauren Watson of the local police of Titusville.

Vegan parents let the 5-month baby starve
Two Vegan activists protested against animal consumption

The police took the child and brought them to the hospital

, where on Thursday it had already reached half a pound, solely because of the fluids that he received there.


The parents of the baby, the young couple Julia French (20) and Robert Buskey (31), will be charged with neglect of their child. According to the police, the couple has the advice of the doctors to give their baby a kind of organic bottle-feeding, at a certain moment to be blamed. Instead, they tried to raise the boy with a kind of mashed potato, based on a recipe that French would have found online, but that ultimately did the child more harm than good.

The police also told the couple that they could afford to buy the right food for their baby and that they did not give a good reason not to do so. The baby is currently being cared for by the state while the parents are being detained in Brevard County prison for the time being.

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