Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart score ‘gold’ with Olympic commentary

The Olympic Games have not only been a huge success for the United States as a nation with the most medals won in Tokyo. Snoop Dogg (49) and Kevin Hart (42) also scored well during the Games with their column in which they reported the Olympic news in their own way. Snoop and Kevin turned out to be a golden combination, which viewers much appreciated.

For the past two weeks, the rapper and the comedian were seen on the American TV channel Peacock, which is part of the NBC channel. NBC had the broadcasting rights to the Games for America and saw a beautiful couple in Snoop and Kevin. The duo spoke with America’s most acclaimed Olympian, Michael Phelps, who wondered if horses also get a medal when they win and rolled over with laughter at the sight of a match of Greco-Roman wrestling.

On social media, people do not speak out about the golden duo. “Man, man, man…can we give these heroes a gold medal too for their hilarious commentary? It’s crazy that NBC has dared to use Snoop and Kevin, despite the fact that they shout ‘motherf*cker’ quite often. Really great these boys!”, writes one follower.

Another said: “While mainstream sports commentators have done well, no one can compete with Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart’s presentation. They have such chemistry together, you can really see that they have fun, even if they sometimes have no idea what sport it is about. Very entertaining to watch”.

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