The best places to meet new women

Does it feel like you can’t find women of interest around you no matter how hard you try? Maybe that’s because you’re just looking in the wrong places. So luckily, we offer places here that can help you find your other half.

The best place to meet a woman

Believe us; the right place works wonders.


If you like sports and go to the gym often, this is the logical option. You will probably run into the same women often. Whether this is before, during, or after exercise, it makes little difference. It would help if you took that opportunity to start a conversation with them.

Simple things like giving directions or asking if they need a spotter are always an excellent way to get started. Plus, the big advantage is you have plenty to talk about since you two share an interest.

Going out

Let’s start this list with a classic. Most people would agree that a bar or club is a classic place to meet new women. Whether it’s a busy club or a festival, you know you’re going to meet people here.

The big advantage of these places is that women may already expect that they will be addressed. And let’s face it, people often go to these kinds of places to let loose. There will certainly be plenty of options to choose from, too, as even the shyest and timid women often attend.

The library

Not the type for crowded places? Or if fitness isn’t your thing, the library could be a good choice to meet women.

No woman expects to be picked up in the library, so unless they’re really busy studying, this is a great place for a compliment to give it a try.

On public transport

This may be scary for many of you. So how do you do it? It is not wise to sit next to someone and start flirting with them right away. This can seem quite pushy, and you don’t want that.

But making a conversation on the platform while waiting is a better option. If it’s nothing, you can both go your own way.

On the street

We say just on the street now, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and find women; that would be awkward. But something as simple as starting a conversation at the grocery store or other daily chores is enough.

We are now talking about doing this strictly during the day. Many women feel safest when it is still light outside. Always be respectful, and you might get a good response. Calling someone across the street doesn’t help, of course.

Through your social circle

Of course, not everyone wants to find themselves in a situation that can be stressful. So target your social group, whether your friends, family, or even colleagues, maybe that’s for you.

These people will always be open to help you find someone, and you would be surprised how quickly you can get someone’s number or socials.

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