Many women in Maradona’s life: from his great love Claudia

Diego Armando Maradona, who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 60, was a feminine beauty lover. ‘Fluffy’ had an extensive and much-discussed love curriculum. He is said to have shared the sheets with countless women. But the main role was for the three most important women of his life. And only one woman knew what was really going on in his head during his last phase of life.

The Argentinean was a genius in the field, but his life next door also spoke volumes with drink, drugs, and women. Many women. He had an intense love life, but the three most important loves were Claudia Villafañe, Verónica Ojeda, and Rocío Oliva.

Diego Maradona with his wife Claudia and his mother during the wedding ceremony
©REUTERS – Diego Maradona with his wife Claudia and his mother during the wedding ceremony

Maradona has five children: Dalma (33) and Giannina (31) from his marriage to his first wife Claudia; Diego Junior (34) and Jana (24), both the result of extramarital affairs; and Diego Fernando (17), from his ten-year relationship with Verónica Ojeda.

Claudia, the love of his life and mother of his oldest daughters

Maradona’s first wife was Claudia Villafañe. They married in 1989 and had two daughters together: Dalma (33) and Giannina (31).

Claudia was his best friend and confidante, but she also suffered from the player’s infidelity and his drug problems – which would plague him for the rest of his life. Maradona was even on the brink of death during this relationship.

The divorce followed in 2003 after 14 years of marriage and five years after the football player had left the marital home. After the divorce, Maradona struggled with the fact that his ex had started a relationship with producer Jorge Taiana. He sued her for irregularities in the distribution of communal property, for buying homes in Miami while they were married, for tax fraud, for holding property left in the home they shared… It was interpreted as a revenge action by ‘Fluffy’ against his ex – who is said to be his great love – because she had started a new life.

Verónica, the mother of his youngest son Diego Fernando

Shortly afterward, he started a relationship with Verónica Ojeda, the mother of his son Diego Fernando (17). He abandoned her during pregnancy to start a relationship with Rocío Oliva.

Maradona and his then girlfriend Verónica Ojeda in Dubai
©EPA – Maradona and his then girlfriend Verónica Ojeda in Dubai

Verónica later had a serious argument with him about their son, who is said to have a disability. Maradona sued Verónica for posting photos of the little boy on social media.

Rocío Oliva, his last known partner

His next important relationship, and the last one he had, was with soccer player Rocío Oliva. They shared their passion for football. Rocío joined him as manager of the women’s soccer team of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, a club in which the former soccer player also worked as a coach. But this relationship did not last either.

Maradona with Rocío Oliva
Maradona with Rocío Oliva

Maradona sued Rocío Oliva and even claimed six years in prison for alleged theft of watches, computers, telephones, and jewelry while still living together in the United Arab Emirates.

The young woman, in turn, denounced the former football player for domestic violence. An Argentinian television program broadcast a video in which he behaved aggressively towards her. Maradona admitted to throwing Rocío’s phone in the air but denied ever being violent against a woman.

The mothers of his two other children

The list of women who played a role in the life of the Argentinian star also includes the Italian Cristina Sinagra, mother of his son Diego Junior (34) – who Maradona only recognized at the age of 29; and Valeria Sabalain, mother of his illegitimate daughter Jana (24). The former soccer player was also in no rush to acknowledge the paternity of his third daughter. He first met her in 2013.

Other relationships

Lucía Galán, of the Argentinian singing duo Pimpinela, revealed 8 years ago the relationship she had had with the footballer in 1982. It was the time when she started singing with her brother Joaquín, and he, in a marital crisis with his wife Claudia, was triumphing as a star of European football.

Adonay Fruto is known as Maradona’s Cuban girlfriend. According to the young woman’s mother, they met in 2004 at the Cuban clinic where the Argentinian was then admitted. He was 43, she was only 19. It could never be confirmed, but according to Argentine media, it was rumored that she was pregnant by the former footballer but miscarried.

In June 2014, a television show revealed Maradona’s romance with dancer Graciela Alfano, when the former footballer was still married to his first wife, Claudia.

Agustina, the woman who helped him during his last phase of life

In early November, Maradona was successfully operated on after suffering a brain hemorrhage. During his recovery, a new woman stood out in his inner circle – without any romance whatsoever.

It is about Agustina Cosachov, the woman who “managed to reach Diego’s most difficult place: his head,” the Argentinian television program Intrusos revealed.

Cosachov is a psychotherapist but also a professor of psychopharmacology, a field that studies the effects of medication and stimulants on behavior via the brain and the rest of the central nervous system.

According to witnesses, she helped him psychologically, and “he listened to her.” “She is a woman who has gained his trust, which is by no means self-evident,” concluded the presenter of the Argentinian television program.

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  1. What can I say except that I am very sad. Wasted talent and life that could be wonderful. Though Maradona tried to show He did not care about what all the people of the entire world were saying and gossiping behind His back, deep inside He was very unhappy and upset about his behavior and deeds. He was suffering a lot! I am sure He regreted a lot if tbings He did. I personally think that He was very unhappy person. May He Rest In Peace Amen!

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