These are the 7 early signs of a healthy relationship

You’ve been dating fanatically for a few weeks, and you’re wondering if this is the one for you. After such a short time, you could already sense whether it is right, but sometimes it can also be unclear. No worries, we share the first signs of a healthy relationship with you.

Red flags are also essential to watch out for, but if you recognize these signs, you’ll be fine.

Signs of a healthy relationship

At the beginning of your relationship, everything can feel great. Does your lover still bring out the best in you after a few weeks, or do you increasingly think that the relationship will not work after all? We share 7 signs to recognize a healthy relationship.

1. You compromise with each other

A relationship consists of two people. Sounds very logical, but some forget this. A sign of a healthy relationship is if you can compromise together.

2. You can be yourself

On the first date, it makes sense to be nervous. If you feel relaxed after seeing your lover a few times, this is a good sign. It means that you can be yourself with your partner, which is very important for a healthy relationship. If you find that you still don’t feel comfortable after a few months, it could be a bad sign.

3. He makes you feel good

That gut feeling is important for a reason. When you feel it’s right, you know it. If you feel comfortable and happy

with your lover, this is a positive sign of a healthy relationship. Do you have a feeling that something is not right? Then listen to your feeling.

4. You make time for each other

Nowadays, everyone has a busy life, we get it, but you make time for each other in a healthy relationship. A text or a phone call can mean a lot, even if you have a busy day.

5. You have similar interests

You can have different interests and still have a healthy relationship. What makes a relationship healthy is to respect each other’s hobbies. But even if you are the opposite, you can still share the same passions. Make a list of the things you both enjoy.

6. It’s not all about s*x

S*x is all great fun, but that’s not the only reason you’re in a relationship. Other intimate moments like cuddling should be equally important. If you notice that your partner always wants to get dressed immediately after s*x and want to leave, that’s a red flag.

7. You can communicate well with each other

Communication is vital when it comes to a healthy relationship. If you still have trouble communicating after a few weeks, don’t worry. You can still work on communication with your lover

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