6 reasons why wives stay with husbands who cheat on them

Up to 75% of couples stunned by deception stay together. The fact that so many offended spouses have managed to turn the other cheek is admirable for some. But you can’t help but wonder why their wives who their husbands cheat choose to stay with their men. There are several good reasons women are guided.

She doesn’t want to be alone

The fear of loneliness keeps people in all kinds of terrible situations and relationships. Women are more afraid to go through life alone than men. This comes from the belief that they need a husband to take care of them. Women fear most of all that they will become beggars. This is not an entirely unfounded fear: the standard of living of the ex-wife falls by more than 25%.

He’s not perfect

The “can’t break the deal” affair. We tend to think that once the husband has cheated, this is the end of the relationship. True, this is precisely what the newlyweds think. But as people live, age, and grow together, they realize that they must give up the dream of the perfect spouse. They realize that their partner will eventually disappoint them.

Her professional status is associated with his

Many educated women still rank their careers second to those of their husbands. If you’ve been known to be the wife of a big boss, leaving that relationship can close the door professionally. A woman can lose her status due to divorce. If you are married to the governor, you are the governor’s wife; otherwise, you are just his ex-wife.

She will lose her friends

In addition to being offensive, a divorcing wife runs the risk of destroying her social circle, especially if it was exclusively other married couples. Sad but true: a single woman is considered a threat to the stability of other relationships, and married friends often drift away. If you live in a society where marriage is encouraged, and single women are avoided, you do not want to become an outcast because your husband did it.

Do not want to destroy the family

Their husbands are an integral part of the family tapestry for many women, and it would be devastating to untangle it. Therefore, they will think carefully before throwing the father out of the children’s lives.

Women struggle to see the whole picture, trying to understand whether their husband’s stupid mistake will lead to the family’s destruction or help her survive and grow. Of course, a woman is more likely to accept this point of view if it’s a one-off affair rather than a relationship or cheating that lasts for years.

Infidelity can make marriages stronger

This challenge can improve your relationship. Therapists say that if you both want it, an affair can make you talk about long-avoided issues – s*x, money, career, housework, emotional distance. If there is a foundation of friendship and love, you can use this crisis as an opportunity to understand what is not working in the relationship and take action to fix

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