Time for a career switch? This is how you tackle it successfully

Do you consider it a time for a career switch? This is how you tackle it successfully without burning the bridges!

It may happen that you reach a certain point in your career when it is time for something different. There are many reasons why you might want to switch jobs. Whatever your reason, before you decide to make a career switch, there are a few things to think about.

Tips for a smooth career switch

Quitting your current job can be exciting. You give up what you know inside out to take the plunge into a new career. That is why it is wise to first delve into many things before you make the switch. We have listed several tips that will help you make a smooth career switch.

Keep track of how happy you are with your current career

For example, keep a record of how happy you become with your work every day. Pay special attention to recurring themes. Which aspects of your current job do you like and which would you rather see disappear?

Are your dissatisfaction business-related with your work or perhaps the people you work with? By clarifying this for yourself, it is easier to look for a new challenge.

List your skills

Find out which roles you have fulfilled in your current and previous jobs. Perhaps you have volunteered or participated in projects that have given you specific skills.

Identify your core skills, and if you want to grow in them or pass them on to others, you can look for careers where these skills are important.

Look beyond your skills

If you have experience in one field, it makes sense that you stick with it when looking for a new career. A shame, because your skills are probably also very useful in another job.

Therefore, when looking for something new, try to look at fields in which you are not (yet) familiar.

Use your network (or that of others)

Are you interested in a particular job outside your trusted field? Then you probably know someone (or someone who knows someone) who works in that field. Make sure to use this.

Try to meet up with someone or even walk along for a (half) day. This way, a professional gives you insight into what a day in that career actually looks like, and you don’t just see the “perfect picture” of a vacancy, for example.

Try it out and take courses

You can gain experience in the field of your interest by immersing yourself in a job that interests you in your spare time. For example, if you aspire to a job that requires you to write a lot, make sure you read a lot and, of course, write a lot yourself.

Do you prefer to work with people or animals? Then you can see if you can volunteer somewhere for a few hours. In addition, we strongly recommend taking courses. Especially if you are looking for a job in a new field, it is useful to experience this before you apply.

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