Career switch? 10 signs you need to switch jobs

Changing jobs is quite a drastic event. Many people find it challenging to make that decision. While no job is perfect, there are several signs that a career switch would not be an unnecessary luxury.

Handy for the eternal doubters among us or for anyone who wants to evaluate their current job.

A career switch

A career switch brings a lot of change: a new location, a new workplace, new colleagues, and new skills that you need to learn. For many people, that’s reason enough to stay in their old, trusted jobs. Yet, those same people often need a kick in the butt to see that they are ready for a career switch. These signs of your current job indicate that it’s time for a career switch.

1. You don’t get enough challenge

Nothing is more demotivating than being able to do your job with two fingers up your nose. If that’s the case with you, it’s time to look elsewhere.

2. You don’t get enough salary

Do you feel like you don’t earn enough? And have you recently asked for a salary increase? If you didn’t get this and found out that you have a lower salary than people in your field, then it may be time to look for a new job where you will be paid according to your abilities.

3. You don’t get enough autonomy

The degree of autonomy (or independence) determines your happiness at work. Everyone has a specific need for autonomy: to make their own decisions and to feel that your colleagues trust you. If it is always others who determine what you do in your workday, this indicates a lack of autonomy. Is the autonomy in your job very low? Then consider changing jobs.

4. You complain a lot to friends and family

If every conversation over dinner starts and ends with negative comments about your workday, then it’s time to look for a job where you trade those complaints about positive stories.

5. You hate Monday mornings

Sure, Monday mornings are no party for anyone. But if you experience a deep hatred every Monday, it is essential to recognize that this is not normal. If you like your job, you shouldn’t experience any fear when you get up.

6. You lack passion

Do you find yourself on Facebook more than you work? Do you find most of the tasks you do boring? Then give yourself a job in which you can experience passion.

7. You’re already dreaming of your retirement

Are you not even over 30 yet but are you secretly dreaming of your retirement? While there’s nothing wrong with making fun plans, it’s even better to enjoy the years of your life you are in now, for example, through an excellent job. After all, you don’t want to count down your entire life to your retirement age, do you?

8. Your sleep pattern is disrupted

Do you often lie at night worrying about what happened that day in your job? Is work stress keeping you up at night? Realize that no job is worth affecting your sleep quality because sleep is essential for your health.

9.You constantly experience stress

Do you work ridiculously long hours? Isn’t there even time to take a break? Do you find it difficult to turn the switch after work and not think about work anymore? Then ask yourself if this is worth it. Realize that most people in these situations eventually end up with burnout and believe us: nobody wants that.

10. You don’t match up with your colleagues

Do you find it extremely difficult to bond with your colleagues? That leaves a significant mark on how happy you feel in your job. If feelings of loneliness and gloom characterize your workday, it’s time to look for a job where you feel like a fish in water.

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