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Top 10 Nigerian women with most killer curves

Hmmm! Do I say the most beautiful? Well, I’m not biased; I just appreciate the beauty in every culture, so if you are my kind, let’s appreciate the Nigerian women’s natural endowment and killer curvy backside.

Nigerian men have always admired all body shapes and sizes, but those with killer curves always attract more and get the most admiration. Below is the Afrinik list of top famous Nigerian women known for their killer curvy back.

Top 10 Nigerian women with most killer curves

1. Uchemba

©Instagram/@Uchemba – Uchemba

Uchemba is a singer and a fitness model, and as you can see from the image above, she has a beautiful curvy figure and with over 1.5 million fans on Instagram. I think she’s the definition of a slim thick. If you don’t know what slim thick is, it’s a small woman who has a curvy figure who’s thick in all the right places, and she’s definitely thick in all the right places. Uchemba has a beautiful singing voice, and her photos can be seen on several online advertisers.

2. Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph
©Instagram/@Anitajoseph8 – Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph is a Nigerian actress with over 2 million Instagram followers. She’s played in many popular Nigerian movies, and she’s very popular in that region of the country, and she has a beautiful curvy shape.

3. Precious Mumy

Ani Ogochukwu, popular known as Precious Mumy is a model, and she also does fitness videos, and she is a very curvy woman, a lovely natural curvy Nigerian lady.

4. Abi Diva

Abi diva is a successful businesswoman and fashion designer. She has a beautiful, voluptuous shape.

5. Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson
Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is a popular Nigerian actress with over 9.3 million followers on Instagram. She’s also a mother, and she’s a gorgeous dark-skinned curvy woman.

6. Chika Ike

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A post shared by Chika Ike (@chikaike)

Chika Ike is another Nigerian actress with over 4 million followers on Instagram, and as you can see in some of her photos, she has a beautiful curvy shape. She’s very talented, and I’m happy to see her having more success.

7. Tracy Obonna

Tracy is a former volleyball player, and she turned actress for the last five years. This woman is beautiful. She has a killer curvy shape and always has a beautiful smile.

8. Daniela Okeke

Daniele Okeke is a beautiful fashion model, and she also does some fitness modeling. The image of her New Year on her Instagram account is salivating. This woman’s gorgeous skin is flawless, and you can see it in her photos

9. Anowa Adjah

Anowa Adjah is a fitness instructor, and she does a lot of positive videos teaching women how to stay healthy and stay fit. She trains many women and teaches them how to go from being fed to being thick and how to go from being overweight to being curvy in shape.

She usually shows the “before and after” of all the women that she’s training to become a killer curvy woman. So I think what she’s doing is great. She’s educating people on how to become healthy and how to keep themselves in shape.

10. Lisa Yaro

The most among the Killer curvy Nigerian women is Lisa Yaro. This woman is beautiful. She stacked like a brick house, and she’s all-natural. What I love about her more than anything is her music. She’s a great singer. She’s also one of the most talented women on the list, and she’s also beautiful.

These women may not be the most killer curvy women in Nigeria, but they probably fitted in the top ten list if you combine talent with beauty.


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