Top 10 richest men in Mali

Mali is a country in West Africa that has personalities with large fortunes. Most have invested in growth sectors such as construction, real estate, telecommunications, or commerce. These are the main areas in which the Malian men have acquired significant financial profits.

Here are the top 10 richest men in Mali.

Mamadou Sinsy Coulibaly

Mamadou Sinsy Coulibaly
Mamadou Sinsy Coulibaly – © Malidirect

He is the CEO of the KLEDU Group. An experienced mechanic, this successful entrepreneur is a model in the sector of entrepreneurship in Mali today. He is the founder of many private companies in Mali and is a shareholder in many private structures in Mali.

He was quick to reveal his qualities as a businessman. He is intelligent and always smelling the right things; he is present in almost all audiovisual sectors and new technologies, travel agencies, and courier services.

He also presides over the Mali National Council of Employers (CNPM).

Mossadeck Bally

Mossadeck Bally – ©AfrikaTech

He is the Founder and CEO of the Azalai Hotels Group, the flagship hotel chain in West Africa.

He gets his fortune from his father, the very famous Sidi Boubacar Bally.

His hotel has become the leading West African hotel group, forging an international reputation based on the quality of its services and its welcome, its renovated infrastructure and the rigour of its management.

Ibrahima Diawara

Ibrahima Diawara
Ibrahima Diawara – ©Jeune Afrique

The founding CEO of IBI Group heads one of the most diverse companies in the country. His experience made him continue to acquire various companies working in fields as varied as transport, land and air, construction, and energy.

Thanks to all of its entities, Diawara achieves an average turnover of 50 million euros.

Seydou Kane

Seydou Kane
Seydou Kane – ©Mali-online

The businessman made his wealth from real estate. His fortune is estimated at more than 50 billion FCFA in real est ate. And it did not stop at the construction

industry only since it is also active in the food industry and petroleum.

Basseydou Sylla

He is the CEO of the company Sylla Transit Transports, a public limited company whose purpose is, in addition to transit, the exercise of activities related to the maritime, port, airport, road, and rail sector, in particular consignment and handling.

He is also active in real estate, agribusiness, and various sectors.

Georges Harage

It is no exaggeration to say today of Georges Harage that he is the most prominent industrialist in Mali.

The man is at the head of an industrial empire including SOMAFAM (Malian Company for the Manufacture of Metallic Articles): Mali Lait SA and IMETAL (Malian Industry of Metallurgy, Profiling, and Processing).

Cessé Komé

Cessé Komé
Cessé Komé – ©Koira holding

Based practically in Abidjan (RCI), he has both feet in real estate. But in Mali, it is only known through Residence KOME, a place taken for VIPs.

Alou Tomota

Alou Tomota
Alou Tomota – ©

The CEO of Graphic Industries, the country’s largest private employer, has made a place for himself at the top of Malian affairs through the printing press.

He formalized himself by creating the Papeterie Bookstore of Sudan (LPS) in 1976, and he quickly became the official supplier of the government.

TOMOTA is also a partner of the FOTSO group in Cameroon., In electric batteries (SOMAPIL), insecticides and FOFY mattresses.

Cyril Achcar

Cyril Achcar
Cyril Achcar – ©YouTube

Heir to old families settled in the country; he concentrates his general trade, hotels, and flour milling activities.

Mandjou Simpara

Mandjou Simpara
Mandjou Simpara – ©Mali Actu

He is the exclusive representative of the SAMSUNG brand in the country and also the CEO of NBB. He is also a freight forwarder and distributor of food products.

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