Top 5 most dangerous animals in the world

Nature is an ingenious creator, and every living creature on our planet is unique and perfect. How often we admire the beauty and grace of predators hardly restrain the desire to cuddle soft fluffy lumps of rodents, we are surprised at the exotic species of insects.

However, it is always worth remembering that an animal in the wild can be deadly. Sometimes, animals that are mistakenly considered cute and good-natured pose a threat—the list of the most dangerous animals in the world.

5. Crocodile


A worthy place in the ranking of dangerous animals is occupied by a predatory aquatic reptile – a crocodile. They live on all continents except Europe and Antarctica. In total, there are 23 species of these animals. According to herpetologists (specialists who study reptiles and amphibians), the most dangerous crocodile is considered the Nile and salted crocodile.

This amphibian feeds on everything that moves in the water. However, the habitat of the Nile crocodile is too closely adjacent to inhabited territories, so the predator regards a person as prey. That is why, annually, hundreds of human lives are on account of this killer. A feature of the crocodile’s attack is its lightning speed.

Despite the fact that other species of crocodiles are not so deadly, and, in principle, do not attack a person if he invades their territory, you should be especially careful while in the habitats of these ancient amphibians.

4. Hippopotamus


Outwardly, a clumsy fat man, a herbivorous hippopotamus, is associated by many with a good-natured cartoon character. An extremely dangerous delusion! On account of hippos annually up to 3000 human victims. According to this mournful indicator, “lazy hulks” bypass terrible crocodiles three times. The hippopotamus attacks for no apparent reason.

Even though the hippopotamus is considered a herbivore, he is happy to add an antelope or even the crocodile itself to his menu. Cases of attacks on people are quite frequent and not amenable to analysis. The animal is especially dangerous in the water, where it can easily overturn boats and kill people.

3. Scorpio


The very name of this arachnid has become a symbol of a poisonous bite. About 5 thousand people die annually from the poison of a scorpion, and the number of those stung reaches several hundred thousand. And this is subject to the existence of antidote serums. Scorpions are most active in the morning and evening hours during the hot season.

Approximately 25 species of these poisonous creatures are considered deadly. Moreover, the hotter the climate in the scorpion’s habitat, the more dangerous its bite. In southern latitudes, scorpions often crawl into people’s homes.

2. Snake


Snake is another creature that kills with its poison. The snake ranks second in our list of the most dangerous animals in the world. Four hundred fifty species of snakes on earth are venomous, the bite of 250 of them is fatal. Most of the reptiles live on land. The most venomous snakes are found in southern latitudes: Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia. Poisonous sea snakes have a poison that is several times more powerful than land snakes.

The most important thing when traveling in the habitats of poisonous reptiles is not to disturb the snake. As a rule, they do not attack a person.

1. Mosquito


And quite unexpectedly, the most dangerous animal in the world turns out to be an ordinary mosquito. Small insects, which humanity destroys in unmeasured quantities, with their bites can cause a person unpleasant sensations that cause persistent itching and infect several diseases. It is the mosquitoes that mankind owes to the spread of yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever, tularemia, etc. The annual death toll from mosquito-borne diseases is staggering to 2 million.

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