Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know

There are countless monuments globally, famous and not so famous, monumental and miniature, ancient and created in our days, corresponding to the spirit of the classics and avant-garde – overview of top five most unusual monuments in the world.

However, there are also the most unusual monuments worldwide; once seen or visited, it is impossible to forget them. The fashion for original, funny and bizarre sculptures originated at the end of the 20th century.

In different countries, not only classical statues familiar to everyone began to appear, but monuments that do not fit into the boundaries of the usual canons began to appear.

Most unusual monuments in the world

1. Cadaver Tomb of Rene of Chalon

Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know

The twenty-five-year-old Prince of Orange fell on the battlefield in 1544. According to history, he bequeathed to make him a kind of monument – in the form of a half-rotted corpse. The will of a deceased person is the law. The author of the memorial, the Frenchman Ligier Richet, recreated with extraordinary accuracy the anatomical details of the half-decomposed body.

The height of the statue is 177 cm. The hand on the chest most likely means fearlessness, the shield behind it – belonging to the order of Christian knights. On the other hand, the monument holds a plaster heart. It used to be a chest with the fundamental nature of a prince, but it was gone.

The sculpture is located in the Church of Saint Etienne in the French city of Bar-le-Duc and has not left the audience indifferent for more than 400 years.

2. Les Voyageurs

Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know
©Bored Panda

Les Voyageurs – an extraordinary series of sculptures “Travelers”. All of them depict a person on the road with a travel bag or suitcase. Unusually, they are all with torn out body parts. This feature gives travellers the mystical appearance of ghosts. French sculptor, master of his craft, Bruno Catalano, wanted to show the inner emptiness of a modern man who is always in a hurry and loses

himself in the hustle and bustle.

The artist created about a hundred figures from this series. They “travel” to large cities, small villages, exhibitions and centres. And all-around “travellers” come in handy – they are an integral feature of the modern world.

3. The Fairies of Robin White

Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know

Robin White, the British artist, uses stainless wire to create graceful three-dimensional figures of fantastic fairies. He begins work with the manufacture of a frame from a thick solid wire. The body of beauties is “fashioned” from a wire of thin diameter, and light air wings are made from a mesh.

And what incomparable dandelions are flying next to the fairies! The artist places a stone heart in the chest of each of his enchantresses. The bulk of the delightful creatures are located in Staffordshire, delighting visitors to Trentham Gardens. White also sculpts fairies for private collectors.

4. Transparent Sculpture the Nomad

Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know
©Jaume Plensa

A man, woven from an innumerable number of Latin letters, gazes thoughtfully at sea. He sits with his hands around his knees, and his whole appearance sows an atmosphere of peace and carelessness around. This creation by Jaume Plensa appeared in the Bay of Antibes in 2007.

The sculptor explained the idea behind his creation. The sculpture is a symbol of freedom. The letters on his body represent the baggage he is filled with – his experiences, thoughts, worries, and sensations.

5. Cat from Maryland

Top 5 most unusual monuments in the world you never know
©Beauty will save the world

There are many remarkable and funny animal sculptures. One of these unusual monuments is located in Maryland (USA). A cute human-sized cat sat down on a bench to rest. He stretched his paw along the back of the bench as if wishing to embrace any tired person. It should be noted that the place next to him is rarely empty – who does not want to sit next to such a neighbour!

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