Twitter places Trump at the top of search results for ‘loser’

While the media announced the victory of Joe Biden in the American presidential election, the social network Twitter has, for unknown reasons, placed Donald Trump first in the search results for the word “loser”.

A personal attack? While in recent days, Twitter has censored almost all of the tweets of outgoing US President Donald Trump, the announcement of his defeat has apparently pushed the social network to go further.

By typing the word “loser” in the social network’s search bar, the first result that appears is Donald Trump’s personal account.

Although the social network has not explained the reason for this result, it comes even as Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the White House, has been announced as the winner of the presidential elections, which have just been held.

Twitter places Trump at the top of search results for ‘loser’

Contested elections

On November 7, numerous American media, including the conservative Fox News, proclaimed the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

It was the result of the close battle in Pennsylvania, won according to the media tally by Biden, that closed the debate. With Pennsylvania counting 20 leading voters, the Democratic candidate surpasses the 270 electorate mark needed to become President of the United States.

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