What can you tell about a person by looking at them

Since childhood, we have been told that it is impossible to judge a person by his appearance, and, in general, this is a true statement. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine who is in front of you by some external signs. That’s what you can say about a person just by looking at them. Yes, it will not be completely accurate and, in some cases, incorrect information, but still, it works with most.

10 things you tell about a person by looking at them

1. Extroverts smile more often in public

If you see a person surrounded by other people, smiles, and sincerely, with a high probability, you are facing an extrovert. This is confirmed by studies that show that extroverts, as a rule, smile more naturally next to other people, compared with introverts who have to pull a smile when interacting with society. To get the latest stories, install our app here

During the research, people were shown photos of smiling people, and from them, the respondents determined whether they were an extrovert in front of them or an introvert based on a smile. And yes, in most cases, they were extroverts.

2. Narcissists wear brighter clothes and more accessories

According to the study, a narcissist can be identified by his appearance, even if he is unfamiliar with him. The study showed that narcissists prefer to stand out from the crowd with bright clothes, accessories, and makeup more than others. Moreover, this can be both a conscious and unconscious action. And this is logical because narcissus wants all attention to be focused on his personality, and he tries to make his appearance as bright and attractive as possible.

3. Walking style can speak about character

Interestingly, the type of walking and its pace is formed not only by physical data but also by the psyche. For example, a person who walks fast and carries weight forward is highly likely to be logical, organized, and serious.

People who walk with their shoulders squared and their heads held high tend to be strong, charismatic, and well-integrated into society. Those whose gait is soft and who easily step on their toes when walking are often withdrawn and timid but at the same time polite.

4. The way a person eats shows his temperament

What can you tell about a person by looking at them

It would seem that such a trifle as the absorption rate of food, yet it also allows you to determine the type of person. For example, someone who eats fast is most likely a more ambitious and purposeful person who is impatient and eager to learn new things. He has no time to chew his food thoroughly because he is in a hurry to do something useful or profitable. To get the latest stories, install our app here

People who eat slowly prefer to think longer and keep the situation under control. And they also know how to appreciate life and enjoy the moment.

As for food preferences, it can also show what kind of personality is in front of you. People who are undemanding to food can often leave their comfort zone easily, but picky eaters, on the contrary, are not so flexible and often suffer from stress.

5. Happy people in the photo are more open to new acquaintances

In 2015, a study showed that people who look positive in selfies could secretly demonstrate dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in terms of communication and reach out to new acquaintances. So if you decide to meet a girl on the Internet, you should choose those whose photos radiate positively.

6. The way a person looks confident speaks about his leadership qualities

It is unlikely that this fact will be an amazing discovery for you. Still, studies conducted on photographs have shown that people, in most cases, quickly determine leadership qualities and a higher position by how confident a person looks in the picture.

So if you see a person with a proudly raised head, and even posture, and a twinkle in his eyes, you are in front of a leader, a powerful person, or, at least, someone who knows his own worth. To get the latest stories, install our app here

7. The “pleasantness” of a person depends on the size of his eyes

What can you tell about a person by looking at them

A Chinese study showed that people with large eyes, raised eyebrows, and a small forehead was more pleasant to communicate with. On the contrary, a person with a rather large probability turned out to be unpleasant if he had lowered eyebrows and small eyes.

The study also showed that people with large eyes are more expressive and prone to impulsivity. People with almond-shaped eyes are down-to-earth but passionate personalities, but those with down-tilted eyes are often pessimists. Those with wide-set eyes are adventurers or, at least, people ready for new things.

8. A person’s religiosity is reflected in his appearance

Interestingly, you can even tell how religious a person is from appearance. The study showed that more religious people prefer modest but neat outfits without bright details. They also smile more and seem more energetic and cheerful than the others. To get the latest stories, install our app here

9. Posture speaks of the strength of the spirit

What can you tell about a person by looking at them

Again, as in the case of leadership qualities, this statement is unlikely to be a discovery. You can tell a lot from your posture, and most often, it speaks about the strength of the spirit. So, a person who holds his head high and his back is stretched like a string is highly likely to be a strong and self-confident person. The one who walks with his back bent and head lowered is most likely to have low self-esteem.

10. The way a person moves next to you can speak about his attitude towards you

Even without saying a word, a person you haven’t met before can betray their attitude towards you by their actions. So, for example, if his body is slightly tilted towards you, and his hands are hanging freely at his side, this indicates a good opinion of you and an interest in what you are saying. A firm handshake with a look in the eyes indicates that the person is studying you and is quite friendly to you so far. To get the latest stories, install our app here

As for the negative aspects, they can also be determined by the movements. For example, even a slight deviation of the body’s back indicates that it is not very pleasant for a person to be near the interlocutor, and he erects a wall between them.

Crossing arms or legs indicates a defensive position or anger. Leaning forward with crossed arms indicates dissatisfaction or that a person is hiding something. If a person bites his lips or makes imperceptible movements, such as touching his nails, he is nervous or uncomfortable.

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