What to do when a girl runs away from you

You start dating a girl, have a great time with her, and are about to move on to the next level when you realize that she doesn’t want this at all. And suddenly, you realize that you are all alone, and the woman is gone. Why are they leaving?

This question is asked even by the best of us because this has happened to every second, if not every first. You thought that everything was great, but it turned out that you were wandering in the corridors of self-deception. Yes, you can say that girls are impossible to understand, but this is not. Let’s use some logic to explain why she didn’t stay with you.

11 reasons why girls run away from you

You are too fast

Not in the way you might have thought. It’s because she didn’t expect your assault on her personal space to be so violent. The girl got flustered, and that’s normal – many people are afraid of that kind of haste. Well, it’s a lesson for you that you shouldn’t have pressed the accelerator so hard.

You were aggressive

There were too many of you, and it was terrible. You too often loomed in her face, loved too much, sent too many compliments in her direction. Some girlfriends like this tactic, but some don’t mean everyone else. If you want a girl, don’t make her think that she is being hunted.

She is terrified

Why not? Falling in love is a damn nervous time. Perhaps she had a sad past experience: she could have been abandoned, and now she lives with this burden, realizing that you can also leave her. Everything was happening too quickly; she began to feel something again and therefore retreated. She needs either more time or to sort out her feelings. So don’t push her. If it’s about fear, then sooner or later, but she will tell you about it.

She’s trying to figure out what’s going on

Sometimes girlfriends need time to figure out how they feel about a guy. Are these feelings genuine, or is it a path to nowhere? She needs to figure out that the relationship will be good for her, and to do that, she needs what? That’s right; she needs time.

She doesn’t feel what you feel

She went on a couple of dates with you, but she didn’t get any emotional return. It is possible that she felt nothing at all. And it’s not about you; in her eyes, you can be a wonderful person, but the chemistry didn’t work, and there’s nothing you can do about it – you have different paths.

She has no confidence

She has no idea what your motives are, what you are, and whether she wants to deal with you. Perhaps she decided for herself that you are not “his type”, and it is good that she decided this now, and not after six months of the relationship, after which there would be only a scorched field.

You are impatient

One of the main reasons women leave is your patience, or rather lack it. You’re in too much of a hurry. You like her, she likes you, but now you are looking for a ring for her, even though it’s only your third date. Just think with your head. A guy like that would dump any girl. Try to enjoy the moment and slow down the speed; the beginning of a relationship is the best time for a relationship.

You like her too much

This is a terrible thought for some people, but it’s more likely to turn girlfriends away than attract them if you’re too serious on first dates. You sound like a weird guy, probably a stalker, who doesn’t accept any life but that particular girl’s life. You know, it only sounds romantic, but it’s a pretty scary concept, at least at the start of the relationship.

You are too “soft”

We’re not saying you have to be an a*shole to keep the relationship going. This is not the point. The point is that some girlfriends like the element of hunting, and in your relationship, it is completely absent.

You only give whatever she asks for. You agree with everything. You nod your head in the affirmative at any comment. They don’t like rags, boy. Treat a woman with respect, but don’t bend over to her.

You take her personal space away from her

You’re the only one to blame here. If you’re terrorizing her friends, family, her place of work and school, she won’t thank you for it. You may be afraid of losing her, but you can’t keep a man down by cutting off his oxygen. You’ll kill him that way, and she understands that. Personal space is a prerequisite for a healthy relationship.

You do not share personal experiences with her

Do you even tell her how you feel? Do you talk about what you’re going through? Yes, no one particularly talks about it on the very first date, but still. She stops trusting you if you don’t share your innermost feelings with a girl. She might leave just because she’ll think you’re not being sincere with her.

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