What to do when you do not want to do anything

All people have gone through a period in their lives where they were unmotivated and felt tired, irritable and uninterested. And it’s perfectly normal.

If you have experienced these feelings yourself, it may be a sign that you need to take a break and let your mind and body rest.

But in other cases, if these feelings are prolonged, they may reflect some more serious problems, such as depression or some other type of mood disorder.

So if you experience a loss of interest in things you usually find pleasant or have a feeling of apathy for life in general, which lasts more than two weeks, talk to your doctor.

If these feelings seem like a more temporary situation, there are some things you can do to feel better and regain your motivation:

Take a break

Feeling you have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. And sometimes, taking a break and spending some time taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do.

For example, you can sleep a little longer, read your favourite book or watch a series on TV. The key is to spend this time relaxing and letting your mind and body rest.

Take care of yourself politely

Showing kindness to yourself offers significant mental health benefits. Research has shown that when people show kindness to themselves, it can help alleviate the negative effects of stress, reduce sadness and stress, and reduce overall psychological distress.

So if you have one of the days when you do not want to do anything, treat yourself kindly. Accept this feeling and get the space and time you need.

Go for a walk

Taking a walk combines the benefits of exercise and time spent outside. Exercise is effective in both treating and preventing depressive symptoms.

Research also shows that spending time outdoors has a wide range of mental health benefits. A study found that contact with nature was associated with better well-being, better mood, positive social interactions and happiness.

So if you are in a bad mood, you can take a walk outside, better in nature, and you will immediately feel better.

Talk to someone

When you feel like you do not want to do anything, communicating with another person is a good choice that will lift your spirits. Think about who can offer you support in times like this.

If you are not in the mood to hang out with a friend or if your friend is not available, sometimes just going out and having other people present can be beneficial.

Enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafeteria, smiling at your neighbour or supermarket clerk can help you change your mood.

Write down everything you feel

When struggling with difficult emotions, it can sometimes be helpful to write about them. Research shows that writing is a useful tool for mental health.

Experts describe it as expressive writing therapy, and it has been shown to help lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety symptoms and reduce depressive symptoms.

Spending some time writing can be a great opportunity to think about how you are feeling and explore some of the reasons you might feel this way.

Find what works for you

If these ideas do not work for you, start looking for something right for your situation and how you feel. Some strategies that can help and inspire you on those days when you do not want to do anything including:

  • Listen to the music that inspires you;
  • Focus on positive thoughts;
  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook;
  • Cook or order your favourite meal;
  • Meditate.

If you have tried these and other things and still feel sad and indifferent, it may be time to think about something more serious.

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