Women’s CAF 2018: Eight teams to attack Nigeria

The 2018 African Women’s Nations Cup (Women’s CAF) kicked off Saturday (November 17th). Ghana is home to this 13th edition. Eight teams take to the challenge of Nigeria, winner of the trophy in 2016.

Ghana, the host country, Algeria, Mali, Cameroon, in Group A, and South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya are running against Nigeria, defending title this Saturday, November 17, in the frame of the women’s CAF 2018.

Nigeria, who won the trophy in 2016, will try to keep it in this 13th Women’s CAF. But he must have the strength to resist the fury of his opponents.

First in group matches, Nigerians will cross the line with South Africans, Zambians and Kenyans. If South Africa is not new, the presence of Kenya and especially Zambia shows that football knows a clear development in this country of southern Africa, winner of the Men CAF in 2012.

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