136-pound wife kills friend by sitting on him

American Windi Thomas (44) has confessed to killing her friend Keeno Butler (44) by sitting on him. Butler collapsed under her weight of 136 kilos.

It was on March 18 this year that Thomas struck. After a night of drinking, a small discussion got out of hand in their home in Erie, Pennsylvania. Thomas first grabbed a knife and put Butler in his hand. She also hit him with a table leg on his head and in his neck.

The ‘final blow’ came when Thomas sat down on Butler’s head. Against her 136 kilos he was not up to speed: an autopsy report shows that he is stitched under her weight. Thomas himself called emergency number 911 and shouted: “I killed my friend!” Butler’s body was found on the floor of the living room.


Thomas’s lawyers argued earlier that her action was not premeditated, but that she was drunk, slipped, and on top of Butler, which caused him to die. That theory, however, was not credible because of the stab wound in the hand of Butler and the wounds in his neck.

“She earned a lifetime,” Sandra Butler

The sister of the victim, Sandra Butler, does not think the sentence is enough. “I think she should be forty years or more. She earned a lifetime.” Her family is not yet over Keeno Butler’s death. “My mother calls for him every night.”

Thomas can expect a prison sentence of 18 to 36 years for manslaughter. The ruling is December 21st.

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