18 women on the new Most Wanted list from Europol

Criminals are not only heavy boys, but there are also plenty of women among the needs. With the ‘Crime has no gender’ campaign, the European police force wants to point out to Europol the role that the women play in the criminal market. That is why a new list of the most wanted criminals appears today. The ‘most wanted’ list mainly consists of fugitive women.

Emancipation has clearly not ignored crime. No fewer than 18 women are on the new investigation list, with 21 curb tricks. All criminals are masked to stay a little in Halloween mood at the end of October, but as soon as you click on them and scroll down, they reveal their gender and their career. Actions that are ‘just as serious’ as those of the gentlemen, Europol emphasises.

“People think that women do not usually commit crimes,” said international police service spokeswoman Tine Hollevoet. “But they are there, and they are just as serious as those committed by men.” The charges range from drug trafficking to human trafficking and murder. Europol hopes to be able to grab the ladies in the collar with the new list.

You will laugh

“The intention is to attract as many visitors as possible to the site,” Hollevoet continues. “Our experience shows that the chances of finding criminals is growing as more people have seen the fugitives.” On the list of the names gracing Jessica Edosomwan, a Nigerian being sought for involvement in a prostitution network in France, and the Hungarian child abuser and drug trader Ildiko Dudas.

Elizabeth Dizon Honrada, who is wanted by the Netherlands, also has a place. The 57-year-old Filipino smiles at you in a friendly way, but you laugh when you read her baptismal plot. She has been running for justice since she was sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling tens of kilos of coke between Suriname and the Netherlands. She was caught in 2003 in the port of Rotterdam with 30 kilos of the white stuff on board.

The fact that Europol’s approach works is demonstrated by the fact that since the introduction of the European ‘Most Wanted’ list 69 dangerous criminals could already be arrested in 2016. In 21 cases that was possible thanks to tips from the public, but some gangsters indicated themselves because they were widely available online. That is attention that the men and women are clearly not waiting for.


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