3 topics men often lie about

Lying is just about a mortal sin in any relationship. Yet, both men and women regularly lie. Research shows that we lie on average twice a day.

In other words, we produce 730 untruths yearly. So men are pretty creative when it comes to twisting the truth. Now men lie more often about other subjects than women, especially in relationships.

Three things men lie about

There can be countless reasons why people lie. Sometimes the truth is inconvenient, or it just suits us a little better. Interestingly enough, we often lie to our partners. A mortal sin, you would think. No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with it, or so the saying goes. Yet, there are three specific things that men in a relationship often lie about.

Lying about her friends

One of the first things you do when you first get into a relationship is introduce the new partner to the friends. Nothing special; both men and women do that.

Appreciating the opinion of friends and acquaintances about the new partner. That doesn’t mean you should automatically like your partner’s friends, but you certainly don’t have to lie about it.

Men are pretty complex when it comes to sharing their feelings. Yet, it is useful to show that you are not charmed by certain types. As tempting as it is to say you like her friends, if she finds out you lied about it, chances are she won’t appreciate it.

About her clothes

Most women can appreciate a compliment. That is, as long as it is serious. Although something is to be said to make a lie understandable

, it is often better, to be honest. Sure, some women find it hard to deal with the truth, but showing a little subtlety while being honest won’t hurt.

If your partner asks you if you like a particular piece of clothing, say that it will show up better in a different combination. There is a big difference between telling the truth and being honest. In any case, remember that she should hear the truth from you than from a stranger.

The number of former girlfriends

While it’s unimportant, it can be worth being honest about your past relationships. As much as you want to make her feel like she’s absolutely unique, she knows she’s not your first friend.

Your partner is smart enough to know what’s for sale in the world. So you certainly don’t have to make your past relationship more beautiful than it is.

As tempting as it may be to destroy your ex by claiming that your current girlfriend is the first to understand you, it’s not going to help you. Just be honest! In this age of social media, it only makes sense that she sees old photos of you and an ex at some point. So be honest about that.

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