5 Bible principles to follow when you want to move forward with God

We’d all want to have a magic wand that could grant all of our desires with a single flash of light, saving us all the work and failures in our Christian journey. Unfortunately, there isn’t such a wand. Rather than searching for quick fixes that don’t exist, we should apply some tried-and-true Bible principles to our everyday lives. Here are some timeless Christian ideas that have been proved to work and lead us to God’s prosperity.

Become acquainted with God personally

There is a significant distinction between knowing God and hearing about God or believing that God exists. As a consequence of this distinction, there are two ideas of existence, two methods of living, and two outcomes.

Knowing God is necessary for living a life that respects him. There are only benefits to knowing God personally, but they are not the reasons for our quest; rather, it is His person in and of itself that motivates us. Knowing God helps us to get a better understanding of ourselves and our resources.

Furthermore, the more we develop in this understanding, which is a constant source of grace and amazement, the more we turn away from sin and delight in sanctification.

“Behold, I am standing at the door and knocking,” he remarked. If anybody hears my call and opens the door, I’ll come in and have dinner with him. (Revised Version: 3:20)

Keep God’s instructions in mind

Knowing about God isn’t enough. We must also love and follow his commands with all of our hearts. God’s will must become our will, but first and foremost, we must comprehend the consequences of disobedience. God created us as free creatures, and knowledge is what makes us free.

Understanding God’s methods enable us to grow spiritually and be spiritually secure. God may therefore put his confidence in us and entrust us with tremendous things since he knows we obey him in everything.

“For keeping God’s commands is to love him. And his rules aren’t difficult to follow […]” (See 1 John 5:3)

Willingly serving God

A servant generally performs what is requested of him, while a son is concerned with his father’s dignity and wants to please him. The servants and the sons are two types of people in the Kingdom. We are called to be God’s sons and to respect him.

As Jesus Christ did when he came to die on the cross to rescue us, we must serve God with all of our hearts, without sharing or anticipating his wishes. Our love for God will make a difference since no service is effective without love. Love exposes the contents of our hearts.

“Serve the Lord in terror, and delight in terror.” (2:11 Psalms)

Develop a strong sense of loyalty

We must always develop certain qualities, and one of them is loyalty. God is searching for men and women who are trustworthy. Loyalty is a priceless heart trait. Few people have answered yes to God and stuck it through to the finish.

We must learn to be completely honest in all aspects of our life, whether at work, with friends, in society, in our money, or in the administration of what God entrusts to us. When we betray people who trusted us, we risk tarnishing our name and isolating ourselves from others. It takes time to establish a reputation.

Do we have a reputation for being dependable, trustworthy men and women, or do we have a reputation for being untrustworthy? Let us focus on the integrity that comes from a heart that wants to be impeachable at all times.

“Be faithful even to death, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Revelation 2:10)

Don’t be discouraged

It’s not simple to stay on the path of faith. The adversary of our spirits is never far away, ready to discourage us and sabotage our good intentions. But no city is created in a day, just as no city is destroyed in a day. Perseverance is a powerful ally in our lives, and God’s word instructs us on how to battle and stay strong. We will not always be at the top since our everyday lives are full of challenges, but we must maintain the vision that God has given us and strive toward its fulfillment stone by stone.

Maybe we’ll be the only ones who believe it at times, but that doesn’t matter; what matters is that we’re following God’s perfect plan. He is the only one who can give success and accomplishment, and He does so when we follow his rules and heed his voice.

“So, having been proclaimed righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ; it is also through him that we have access to this grace, in which we stand strong, and in which we put our pride in the hope of sharing in God’s glory.” 1-2 (Romans 5)

Anyone who wishes to progress in their relationship with God must adhere to these five essential life rules.

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