5 do’s & don’ts for a successful internship

Fantastic, you have won that nice internship! Curious how that period will go? It may be such a great place, but it is largely up to you whether you do a good internship there.

5 do’s

Think about your personal goals

You have a lot of influence on your learning process. More than you think. Are there certain skills you want to master? Or competencies in which you want to grow?

An internship is a perfect time to put it to the test. Sharpen your organizational skills? Indicate that you would like to set up a workshop or event.

Discuss mutual expectations

Preferably do this before you start or immediately after you start. And evaluate those expectations regularly. Once you have started your internship, you will soon be overwhelmed by the business’s daily ins and outs.

Plan regular feedback moments with your internship supervisor. In this way, you keep a grip on your learning process. What are you doing well? What can be done better? You can get the most out of your internship by reflecting now and then.

Roll up your sleeves

Your internship is a place to learn things. Surprise your internship supervisor by coming up with ideas yourself and by taking the initiative. Is your work done? Then don’t sit back, but ask if you can perform other tasks or help with something.

Dare to make mistakes

As an intern, you hope to leave a good impression. Because by putting in your hard work, you might get a permanent contract after your studies. Keep in mind that an internship is primarily for gaining experience.

An accident always lurks in a small corner, and a mistake is easily made. Does it ever go wrong? You learn from that. He who does nothing can do nothing wrong.

Stand up for yourself

It is unavoidable that your range of tasks also includes fewer fun chores. Do you have to copy and make coffee all day long? Then ring the alarm bell.

Politely ask for a broader range of duties that better match your education and interests. Make sure you get enough challenges. Then you learn the most.

5 don’ts

Maintain your social life

Hey, you just got a unique opportunity to learn something new. Grab them with both hands! Unless Facebook and Instagram are part of your work, you have nothing to do during working hours. If you do, you will come across as uninterested.

Stay on your own island

Don’t sit alone in your workplace. Introduce yourself when you meet a colleague you don’t know yet. Have lunch with your new colleagues or have a chat at the coffee machine.

The more people know you, the more fun your internship will be. Moreover, an extensive network also has its advantages after your internship period.

Don’t listen

There is nothing more annoying than having to explain something five times. So be all ears when something is said. So that your colleagues don’t have to repeat themselves as much as possible, that doesn’t mean you have to understand everything the first time.

Ask for additional explanations and take notes so that new information sticks better.

Bad talk about colleagues

The bow cannot always be tense. Therefore, it is quite normal that there is a chat in between and that those conversations are not necessarily work-related.

However, don’t be tempted to participate in conversations with other colleagues. Gossip often takes on a life of its own and is rarely without danger. So respect yourself and don’t participate in it. Respect everyone and always remain professional.

Wearing inappropriate clothes or accessories

There is nothing wrong with having your style. As long as you align that style with the corporate culture of the organization you work for.

You should not immediately change your entire wardrobe, but you should have a good sense of whether the company has a formal or an informal atmosphere.

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