Why did she lose interest all of a sudden? 7 reasons women get tired of men

Seducing a woman and building a relationship is one thing; keeping that relationship good is another story entirely. The reason that many relationships fail sooner or later has not so much to do with the question of whether you fit together, but with the “commitment.” But why did she lose interest all of a sudden? Here are the reasons.

In other words: what do you want to invest in your relationship. A relationship is nothing more than a business in which your efforts determine the return.

Why did she lose interest all of a sudden?

Traditionally, men have a responsibility to keep the relationship exciting and fun. That sounds simple, you would think. Bringing a flower now and then, taking her out to dinner, or going shopping with her is enough for most men.

It sounds very old-fashioned. Yet, it is not that simple. When most women feel that the man is failing to keep the relationship going, the average woman quickly loses interest. Or, to keep yourself from the threatening emotion of an unwanted breakup, you would do well to turn the tide with the tips and advice below.

1. Inconsistency

Women will permanently control your actions and behaviour. How you behave determines how the lady in question judges you. In other words: are you relationship material or not? If you can ensure sufficient consistency, then you are good. Of course, you have to do something about that!

When you consistently show that you care about your partner, a woman will see this as a sign of commitment. The woman wants to experience security, whether you like it or not. If not, she will use her feelers and interpret the absent signals as a lack of interest.

That’s not to say she’s constantly watching you, but rest assured that she sees the limitations of the relationship early enough. So show her clearly that you appreciate her!

2. Cheating on her

Cheating is the biggest crime you can commit in a relationship. Also, assume that you are less intelligent than you think. While men rely on their communication skills, women are experts at judging your body language. Every different detail stands out, and soon she will have concluded that something is going on.

The result is clear: the security we mentioned earlier is absent. Also, don’t think that restoring that trust is a piece of cake. If you get the chance to make up for your mistake, you’ll have to do your best.

3. Disrespect her

If there is one thing that is important to the average woman besides security, it is respect. If she notices that you respect her, she will open up completely. However, the opposite is also true. If the respect is absent, or at least substandard, she quickly draws her conclusions.

For the record: respecting her often means listening! Value her opinion, take it into account and let her know that she is your priority.

4. The adventures under the sheets are no longer like a holiday for her

Just to let you in on a big secret: for women, s3x is a big holiday. That doesn’t mean she’s going to let it get to her. You will also have to surprise her in bed. In short, be creative, do something different, and don’t force her.

After all, the female body works differently from that of the man. There is no on/off switch on it, so you will have to stimulate her.

5. You no longer make her feel special

One of the biggest mistakes men can make in a relationship is taking the relationship for granted. Most relationships start because of special unforgettable moments.

It is the man’s job to keep giving the lady in question that special feeling. If that special feeling is absent, it will soon pass, and she will look elsewhere for her tension, and often that is without you.

Just an eye-opener: standing out from the crowd is why she fell for you. If it turns out that you are the same as all those other men, the fun will soon be over, and the end of your relationship will soon be in sight.

6. She’s not sure where things are in the relationship

While men are quick to let things take their course, this is less obvious for a woman. To put it plainly: she wants to know that she is yours. No, that doesn’t sound possessive; that’s how the average woman works.

Like you, she wants to know where she stands, and if there is one thing she hates, it is a man who cannot indicate the status of your contact.

If she doesn’t feel that you are exclusive, she is single and can continue looking. Restoring that situation is a somewhat complicated, if not impossible, task.

7. Break your promises

Reliability is vital for every woman, but in a relationship, it is even more important. Now it’s okay to break a promise, but don’t make a habit of it. The average woman’s memory is like an elephant’s: they rarely forget anything.

In short, if you make an appointment with her, keep that appointment. You’ll probably get a second chance if she likes you, but it’s certainly not a guarantee.

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