7 perfect jobs for people who like organize and make lists

Do you even make to-do lists on weekends? Are you the person from the group of friends who ensures that gifts arrive on time and trips are well planned? And are you currently wondering which job will be a good match for you? Then we have good news because in this article we share 7 professions that are perfect if you like organizing and making lists.

You can use your talents in these professions!

An event planner

You may have already sensed the first two professions because the word planner is literally in the job title. Now that events are back on track (and many event industry people have made a career switch), now is the perfect time to jump into this job.

Wedding planner

Are you an organized person who also loves weddings? Then the profession of a wedding planner is a match made in heaven. As a wedding planner, you are responsible for the most beautiful day in your life and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

A personal or virtual assistant

As a personal assistant, you are responsible for managing your boss’s schedule, from arranging business trips to making appointments. Another – and more modern variant – is a function as a virtual assistant.

You are a remote assistant (often for entrepreneurs). You are, for example, responsible for email management and social media activities. You help, for instance, with launching products and setting up online academies.

Cleanup coach

It seems as if the coaches are popping up like mushrooms these days, but the fastest-growing group is that of cleaning coaches. Because this is a new concept (have you ever heard of it?), it is certainly not too late to start working as a cleaning coach.

As a cleaning coach, you help your customers get their houses in order. How nice is it to get to work as an organized person with someone’s messy kitchen and leave someone overjoyed?

Travel specialist

The travel industry is also booming again, which is ideal for organized people who also love to travel. And be honest, who isn’t? As a travel specialist or travel agent, you help customers book holidays or even put together entire trips. Or choose to go on group trips. Dream job if you ask us!

Project manager

As a project manager, it is your job to ensure that projects are carried out correctly and efficiently. Under your care, everyone meets their deadlines without exceeding the set budget. Especially making a schedule and the project budget are probably made for you.

Logistics manager

As a logistics manager, your days are devoted to organizing, planning, checking, and executing logistics processes, such as a retail chain, web store, or manufacturer. You will also manage transport planners and administrative staff.

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