8 signs he hasn’t forgotten his ex yet

Dealing with feelings for your ex is not easy; everyone knows it. But life goes on, and eventually, the guys find their new love. What do you do if your new boyfriend can’t stop remembering his ex? It’s so painful and unpleasant.

Here are 8 signs that a guy still loves the other

And the decisions will have to be made by you.

He constantly talks about her and compares her with you

An unspoken rule applies to relationships with ex: do not talk about them in front of a new partner. If a guy does not follow this rule, he compares the previous relationship with the current one. Which girl would love this?

He never mentioned her at all

This is a wake-up call. If you tell a new girlfriend about an ex for a guy – taboo-he still has feelings for her. Best of all, if he tells you that he had a girlfriend and that they broke up, then a brick of trust will be built in your relationship. After all, all the same, you will find out about his ex – all the secret becomes clear.

He explodes with emotion when it comes to his ex

It isn’t easy to take and burn all the bridges without showing any emotion when you talk about a person with whom you have a lot in common. However, if a guy is pretty cold-blooded when his ex calls him or comes across you at a party, then it’s okay. And if he looks like he regrets their breakup, it seems like you need to talk seriously.

He is friends with his ex

And again, the eternal question: is there a friendship between a man and a woman, especially if they were already in an intimate relationship?

If you are jealous, you will not be envied: your imagination draws scenes of “friendly s3x” between your boyfriend and his ex, and you also make a scandal when he goes shopping with her (what if they choose underwear there?) Or goes to her to fix the tap in the bathroom?

He follows her life on social networks

This is sad but easy to spot. If you broke up and did not become friends, it is better to cut off all contacts, including social networks. But what good is it if he removes her from his friends? He finds her profile repeatedly and looks to see if she has found a boyfriend if she has changed her hairstyle, where she hangs out with her friends …

And he also thinks: “What the hell is she, happy here!” In that case, we have a problem. You need to talk heart to heart and immediately prioritize; otherwise – goodbye.

He offers her his services

No, this is not about s3x services. But it just infuriates you when out of the kindness of his soul (oh?), he Volunteers to walk with her dog or take her to the airport, because there is no one else, he is uncomfortable in front of her, she, poor thing, needs help … What kind of bad people are these ex, huh?

He is too much-forcing things in your relationship

If he just broke up with his girlfriend and is no longer detached from you, dragging you to all the bars (where she also happens), and not getting tired of taking happy selfies of your newly-made couple, there is something wrong.

And I even know where the dog is buried. For him, you may be nothing more than a way to annoy his ex, who may soon change status and become his official girlfriend again.

He hides you from his surroundings

But the situation is the opposite: the guy does not take a selfie with you, does not post anything on the social network that would indicate a new passion in his life, does not appear with you in public.

But you can’t sit in your apartment forever, staring at the TV. There is something wrong here: apparently, he is uncomfortable with you, and perhaps his ex, whom he cannot forget, has something to do with this.

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