A brutal knockout: “Like being shot by a bazooka”

“As if he collapsed like a beach chair.” In the American city of Reno in the state of Nevada, spectators of a boxing match at the lightweights could not believe their eyes when Christopher Brooker shot down.

After a hit by Michael Seals on the head of the 28-year-old American, the light went out completely. Brooker fell backward into the ropes, his head not supported, and the right leg under the body.

After the KO hit, some of the audience started to applaud, but others were particularly concerned about the state of the loser. A doctor approached the man for a first crucial check.

 A brutal knockout: “Like being shot by a bazooka”

“That was something else,” boxing expert Andreas Hale lends his voice. “Michael Seals KO of Christopher Brooker on ESPN was one of the strangest I’ve seen. A punch grazed Brooker’s head and Brooker looked like he’d been shot by a bazooka.”

Possibly the boxer from the losing camp made the nasty fall because he ended up with Sein’s chin after the decisive blow. The fight is already thoroughly discussed on Twitter and specialized boxing websites because the frightening image ensures that the horror and usefulness of boxing are once again eagerly over the tongue.

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