Algerian companies have lost one million jobs

Algerian companies have lost one million jobs since the beginning of the pandemic Coronavirus, according to the chairman of the Confederation of Algerian Industrialists and Producers (CIPA), Abdelwahab Ziani.

In statements to the press, the chairman of CIPA said that 10% of Algerian companies have converted to other core businesses because of the economic crisis, which has redoubled in intensity despite the feeling that the recovery is well present in some sectors.

“Our companies lack oxygen,” he quipped, pleading for a tax amnesty and a tax freeze to save businesses. “Companies have no hope on the market, especially with the 3rd wave of the pandemic,” he warned.

Mr Ziani also called for an adaptation of the national economy to life in times of Coronavirus rather than continue in the “position of the turtle”.

“We must adapt and set up specific corridors for the affected sectors,” he recommended.

The chairman of the Confederation of Algerian industrialists and producers has estimated that things have started well this year for Algerian companies. Still, unfortunately, the third wave of Coronavirus comes once again to slow down the growth of the national economy.

On the other hand, Mr Ziani stressed the need to combat bureaucracy, noting that “just for the operating permits, it takes 4 to 10 years to have them”. He added that “that’s why I say again, our enemy is the bureaucracy”.

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