ANC wins the legislative elections in South Africa

The African National Congress (ANC) won the parliamentary elections, according to preliminary results published after the counting of more than 95% of the polling stations.

According to provisional results, the ANC won 9.1 million votes or 57.7% of the vote. The score obtained by the party is down almost five points compared to its results in the 2014 elections.

Elected by the deputies, the head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa, should be invested for a new mandate from May 25.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition party, came in second with 20.6% of the vote, down from its results (22.2%) in 2014.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by Julius Malema, occupy the third place, with a sharp increase, from 6.35% in 2019 to 10.5% in Wednesday’s election.

ANC wins the legislative elections in South Africa
©Conversation – Julius Malema at campaign rally

Winner of all post-apartheid elections, the ANC has seen its popularity plunge under the enameled reign of scandals of former President Jacob Zuma (2009-2018). In the 2016 local elections, the party recorded the worst score in its history, with 54% of the votes nationwide.

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