Are you suppressing emotions? Reasons not to hide feelings

Some attitudes and stereotypes have haunted us since childhood. They are constantly spinning in our heads, which is why it is impossible to express our feelings and build normal relations with others correctly. Psychologists say that you cannot hide your emotions, and today we will tell you why.

Why you can’t hide your feelings

First, let’s find out why we try to be good to others. The fact is that our parents and grandparents wanted to make us “comfortable” children when they forbade us to contradict and interrupt our elders, put us in a corner for bad behaviour and shamed us if we suddenly started crying.

We grew up a long time ago, but we continue to keep our emotions under control and hide them inside ourselves.

By the way, we were also often forbidden to rejoice and laugh out loud. “Laughing for no reason is a sign of foolishness!” Remember? Because of this, now we do not know how to be happy.

What happens to us because we keep everything to ourselves? Irritability and anxiety appear. What can you do to get rid of these negative consequences? Unleash your feelings!

Any emotion is normal

It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. You should not at all give your feelings a positive or negative colour. In modern society, people try to keep everything to themselves, so sometimes it is generally challenging to figure out what emotions you are experiencing at a certain point in time. It is even more difficult to understand the causes of their occurrence.

Try to introspect more often and listen to what is going on inside you.

Ask yourself how you are feeling at the moment

And ask yourself this question as often as possible! Try to identify the relationship between emotion and any sensations in the body. Resentment can cause a stream of tears and an unpleasant feeling in the chest, and joy sometimes makes you want to hug and kiss everyone in the world.

Do not be silent

Learn to explain to others how you feel correctly. This is useful not only for you but also for them. Tell your family, friends and relatives often that you love them and are grateful to them for everything they do for you. Do not forget to talk about what is in your soul if you are offended.

It may not be easy at first for you to get used to expressing your thoughts openly. But try to make it a habit. You will soon notice that life will become much easier!

Don’t worry about the feelings of others

Think about yourself first. But taking responsibility for how other people will react to your confessions is not worth it. In the end, a person decides for himself how to respond to a particular phrase heard, and only he gives it a positive or negative colour.

Of course, you should always be correct and not start a scandal, but you can’t keep everything inside yourself. Try to communicate your point of view politely but confidently. Your emotions can’t hurt people, so give them free rein.

Now you know why you shouldn’t keep your feelings inside yourself. To live a whole life, you need to be utterly free from stereotypes that have been imposed on us since childhood. If you stop hiding your emotions, then even your well-being will soon improve significantly because anxiety, innuendo and resentment have not benefited anyone yet.

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