As a fresh graduate, these are starter jobs in high demand

After years of toil, the time has come: you have graduated and can start working. But finding a job is easier said than done. Many positions require at least a few years of experience. Researchers investigated in which positions you are likely to find a job
quickly as a starter.

They share the starter positions in the world that have experienced the greatest growth in the number of vacancies. By the way, don’t worry if your dream job isn’t here.

High-demand entry-level positions

Online Marketer

The position where vacancies are currently rising the fastest is an online marketer. A company’s online marketer devises a company’s online strategy and ensures that it is properly executed.

Commercial Real Estate Specialist

Good news if you want to get started in the commercial real estate world. As a Commercial Real Estate Specialist, you will probably find work quickly because there is a lot of demand.

Front-end Developer

As a front-end developer, you are responsible for the technical side of the frondent (actually the front end, what people can see) of an app, website or program.

Full Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer is an all-around software developer who has a broad knowledge. He or she can program not only the front-end but also the back-end.

Electrical Engineer

Number five on the list is an electrical engineer who designs, installs and improves electrical products such as solar panels and vehicles.

Mechanical Engineer

What exactly you do as a Mechanical Engineer depends on the industry in which a company is active. Good to know: this is one of the five highest-paying tech jobs. So you will not only find a job quickly, but you will also get well paid.

Project Manager

No technical background, but a talent for everything from A to Z? The vacancies for a project manager are also increasing rapidly. As a project manager, you are responsible for preparing, setting up and supervising projects.

Construction Management Specialist

As a Construction Management Specialist, you monitor the costs, quality and time of, you guessed it, construction processes.

Product Manager

A product manager is responsible for the success of a particular product and, therefore, influences the product’s development, production, and marketing.

Cloud Engineer

We close the list with another engineer. For example, a cloud engineer develops cloud solutions (for example, aimed at Google Cloud) within companies.

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