Bobrisky vs. Brown: Social media turf war between 2 crossdressers

Nigerian crossdresser James Brown screamed on social media after allegedly receiving death threats from Bobrisky.

In an Instagram video, he claimed Bobrisky had accused him of stealing his social media content idea. He also made it clear that he was not in competition with Bobrisky and respected him a lot.

Lost in thought since Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky, threatened him, James Brown turned to social media with allegations from his cross-dressing colleague.

Bobrisky vs. Brown: Social media turf war between 2 crossdressers
James Brown and Bobrisky, two nigerian crossdressers

In his video, Brown claimed that Bobrisky had contacted him recently and that he had assumed that the crossdresser simply wanted to plagiarise him. However, Brown said that Bobrisky accused him of copying his content on social networks and also threatened to “kill” him if he didn’t stop.

James Brown further said that Bobrisky had also reminded him to pay back the 100,000 Naira he had lent him when he became a viral sensation on social networks.

He further indicated that he did not intend to confront Bobrisky, as he has a lot of respect for him. Brown also said he didn’t mind giving back the money Bobrisky had given him in the past, especially since he had never begged him to do so.

In another part of the video, James Brown clarifies that he was not a crossdresser but an actor. The young man added that he did not have half the intelligence of Bobrisky and was not capable of doing what Bobrisky did online.

Brown noted that people close to him know that he dresses like a man every time he has to make an appearance.

Sharing the video, he wrote: “For once in my life, I have never attacked anyone in a position. I have always been James Brown. If you have a problem with the content, I take action for the brands I work for, the rest is none of my business. You’ve already blocked me everywhere for months, on all platforms, so why this treatment. I’m just a real person”.

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