Brazilian MP who touched breasts of a colleague risks impeachment – video

In Brazil, the parliamentary ethics committee finally accepted a complaint lodged two months ago by an elected representative Isa Penna accusing a deputy of sexual harassment in the middle of a sitting. The facts were captured by a camera installed in the institution.

Two months after filing a complaint from the Brazilian elected representative Isa Penna against a parliamentarian who had sexually harassed her in parliament, the ethics committee finally agreed to take charge of it. This decision, therefore, implies that the elected representative risks losing his parliamentary status.

“Unanimously, 10 against 0. The ethics committee accepts the complaint […]. This means that [she] will be examined and discussed by the committee itself,” said Isa Penna, who defines herself as bisexual and “100% feminist” on Twitter.

The case dates back to December 17. As shown in a video of a camera installed in the room, Rep Fernando Cury approached from behind Isa Penna and put his hands at her breasts in the middle of a parliamentary session.

The Rep turned and pushed away her colleague, who tried to insist and put his hand this time on his shoulder. After a few moments’ discussion, the deputies walked away.

Never received “a single complaint”

Ms Penna denounced Mr. Cury to the ethics committee. However, the MP denied any harassment and referred to a “quick and superficial hug”. Counsel for the legislature argued that his client “[had] never received a single complaint of disrespect for women, only praise.”

It is specified that the ethics committee recommended the expulsion of the parliamentarian from his political party, Citizenship, where an internal process is also underway.

In addition, a criminal trial had been authorized earlier by the São Paulo public prosecutor’s office.

“Despite this fine result, we cannot lower our guard because impeachment is not guaranteed. The fight continues so that there is no impunity in this affair!” Remarked Ms. Penna on Twitter.

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