Disadvantages of being famous: 8 reasons being famous is bad

Being famous has its disadvantages! After struggling and achieving their success of being popular, some celebrities hide their faces and identities from the public. Therefore, there are reasons being famous is bad.

Ask anyone if they want to be a celebrity, and they are highly likely to say yes. For many people, becoming famous is tantamount to self-realization. If at least several tens of thousands of people know you, and some of them consider you an authority, then life is a success.

But besides the obvious advantages, like being famous and having a lot of money, the life of a celebrity is full of disadvantages that most people don’t even realize. Think a few times about whether you really need them.

You can’t be somewhere without being recognized

Perhaps it will first please you because such attention to your person seriously raises self-esteem. But later, crowds of fans eager to get your autograph or take a selfie will start to get bored and then completely pissed off.

Wherever you happen to be, you won’t be able to be alone with yourself, with a girl or with friends, without running into another fan who has no idea about the sense of tact and does not notice that you want to spend time like an ordinary person without enthusiastic awe on the part of others.

Your means of communication will become a source of problems

The fans are so insane that they know how to find ways to connect with the idol almost in the scenes after the credits or random shots. Your phone will constantly be torn from messages and calls; your social networks will become a sump for thousands of unanswered messages.

Therefore, most likely, you will have to create fake pages and accounts in social networks, and hide your presence from the public as much as possible. One acquaintance who does not know how to keep secrets will be enough for everyone to know that the same idol is hiding under the guise.

In general, social networks have a rather negative impact on people, so even if you’re an ordinary person, you should give them up or reduce the amount of time you devote to them.

You will be followed

Even people who are not interested in the world of show business stumbled upon the news that another paparazzi photographed a star without clothes, in improper form, in defamatory poses, and so on. In addition to the annoying paparazzi, for whom there are no moral boundaries and who are ready to do anything for the sake of a good shot, there are also radical fans. They stalk the idol; they persistently follow the victim of their admiration.

Just look at the Hollywood stars and how they are forced to hide their identity under nondescript baggy clothes. To get to the store or take a walk in the park, they have to put on a mask.

Any of your actions will be criticized

You can overnight bury your image, which has been accumulating over the years, simply because another representative of a certain subculture, offended by everything, considered your words a provocation.

You will have to follow every phrase and shape your speech in advance to be as neutral as possible. It will no longer be possible to make jokes in the style of black humor, and indeed to express your personal opinion.

You will have to perform actions that are unpleasant for you

Annoyed by children? Forget about it because a celebrity, only if it’s not some underground stand-up artist, can’t help but love these cute angels. Don’t like noisy places and crowds of ignorant people? But what about meeting with fans who pee in their pants with happiness, seeing an idol, and vividly demonstrating their emotions, turning it into a circus.

They will constantly try to hug you, or at least shake your hand, shout in the streets, and expect a response, naturally, friendly. And if you are not lucky enough to say some catchphrase, you will have to repeat the boring “Goodbye” a hundred thousand times a month so that the fan spreads into a blissful smile.

All information about you will be worth its weight in gold

Fans have so much nothing to do that they are ready to devote all their time to searching for crumbs of information about the idol. They can dig up any content and are prepared for any action, up to serious crimes like hacking digital devices and even burglary. A striking example is the leaking of intimate photos of Hollywood stars when naked images of them appear on the Internet in poses worthy of a separate page.

Even if you once sent d!ck pics to your wife, in the future, it can become the property of the entire public, and everyone will know how big your organ is.

You will be threatened

As we said above, any of your actions will evoke a response in society since there are also inadequacies in it, an act or phrase that does not mean anything can cause hatred towards your person, up to the desire to express everything in your face, perhaps even with your hands and feet.

Yes, having become famous, you will have to constantly be under protection so that some crazy person does not decide that you are the embodiment of unclean forces, and you urgently need to be eliminated to save the world.

They will constantly expect something better from you

Your personality will become a kind of hostage to the unfulfilled expectations of the fans. They imagine that each time your songs, paintings, or inventions will get better, they think of you as something like a robot plowing without rest. As soon as you relax or lose inspiration for a while, crowds of disappointed fans will pour your career down the toilet because emotions are the main thing for them, and everything else makes no sense.

You will have to constantly work on yourself to please the fans because your earnings depend on their recognition. Disappoint them and run out of money. So being a celebrity is not only fun but constant exhausting work aimed only at meeting other people’s expectations.

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