Effective tips for constant fighting in a relationship

Disagreements are part of the relationship. Occasional quarrels can strengthen the relationship. However, the key lies in how you handle disputes that may arise so that they do not hurt both you and your partner.

My husband and I fight all the time, or are you constantly arguing with your boyfriend? It is normal to argue but abnormal to argue or fight all the time in a relationship. The effective tips for constant fighting in a relationship might help bring the battle to the barest level. Here are some tips to help you in times of conflict.

Effective tips for constant fighting in a relationship

Take a breath

If you feel like you’re going to break out, then one of the best things you can do is take a breath and remind yourself that voices will not solve the problem.

You can also practice diaphragmatic breathing: Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Then inhale and exhale slowly through the nose. This technique will help you relax and see the situation more calmly.

Consider scheduling the discussion

An excellent way to avoid quarrelling is to tell your partner that you would like to discuss a specific problem. If you have informed him in advance, you give him a chance to think about certain things. That way, you can (hopefully) approach the discussion with vulnerability instead of feeling attacked.

Do not view your relationship as competitive

After reminding yourself that you and your partner are on the same team, it is helpful to stop the desire to beat your partner in the “battle” of the conversation.

Repeat what you hear

One of the best ways to stay calm is to repeat your partner’s statements so that he or she feels that you understand what he or she is saying. So you can say, “What I hear is that you get upset when you ask me to do something at home, and I never follow it.”

This little tip allows each of you to strive for mutual understanding and a common solution.

Take a break (but do not leave)

We know how difficult it is to stay calm in tense times – especially if you easily lose your temper. However, it can help if you take a break. But let us be clear: Taking a break from the conversation does not mean you will leave what you were saying in the middle, close the door behind you and leave.

The break may seem easy, but it takes maturity to get started. You need to identify your feelings, ask for a break and give a specific time frame for your return. So you show interest and love for the relationship.

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