Envaitenet: the island of no return

The island of Envaitenet is called the “island of no return” or simply “irrevocable” by the locals of the Turkana tribe.

For a long time, a lot of inexplicable history has been walking around what is not attributed to this island. The vast majority of stories are associated with the mysterious disappearance of people.

Envaitenet island coordinates

It is formally called the South Island. It lies in the southern part of Kenya’s huge Lake Turkana (also known as Lake Rudolf).

General description

Envaitenet is a volcanic island. It is located in the southern part of the lake, about 8 kilometers from the shore. This is the largest island in the lake. Its dimensions are 11 by 5 kilometers.

The island is covered with volcanic soil and is home to many dangerous animals, including crocodiles and poisonous snakes.

Histories of Envaitenet Island

Aboriginal people say that long ago, slave traders from Sudan often came to this region. One family decided to hide

on the island. Nobody saw them again. Moreover, the people who went in search of them also disappeared. Many people think that they have become victims of island cobras or crocodiles.

Missing scientists

Animals are unlikely to be the reason for the disappearance of people. Another inexplicable case speaks in their defense. In 1935, scientific work was carried out in this area by an English expedition led by Viviana Fush. Two scientists (Martin Sheflis and Bill Dyson) went to the island of Envaitenet. They signaled a successful landing with a flashlight.

Envaitenet: the island of no return
Envaitenet: the island of no return

Over the course of several days, they also periodically made themselves felt by light signals. Suddenly the signals stopped. A few days later, rescuers arrived on the island. They did not find any traces of scientists.

Fush ordered a plane to be sent to inspect the island. But this did not yield any results either. Then the British gathered about 200 residents in order to comb the island completely. The natives did not want to land on the damned island. They had to promise a big reward if they found at least some traces of scientists.

As a result, turning over every stone on the island, not a single reminder of the presence of people was found. Where and how the two scientists disappeared is still unknown.

It has been suggested that sometimes underground gas escapes from the depths of the lake. He had an intoxicating effect on the brain and forced a person to commit rash actions. For example, go swimming in the lake.

Perhaps the scientists, having used up their food supply, sailed on a boat to the shore but drowned. Therefore, no trace of them was found on the island.

The disappearance of an entire village

The series of strange disappearances did not end with the disappearance of scientists. Several years after the disappearance of the scientists, several families of the Elmolo tribe landed on the island. They decided to hide here from bloodthirsty neighbors from the Samburu tribe.

Turkana tribe
Turkana tribe

They settled down quite tolerably well, brought in goats, built huts, and fished. Sometimes they sailed to the “mainland” to visit relatives or to exchange goods. But after a while, the islanders stopped appearing on the shore.

Neighbors and relatives sent people to the island. They did not find a single person. The lifeless village remained untouched—no sign of attack or struggle, no sign of a hasty evacuation, nothing. The small population disappeared without a trace.

The Samburu tribe claims that the snakes on the island are the spirits of deceased ancestors. They still hunt the Elmolo tribe.

Village huts are still on the island, but no one is in a hurry to populate them.

Feral goats roam the island and are not going to disappear. Moreover, no one even hunts them, as people are afraid to approach the island once again.

The natives of the Turkana tribe saw in the outlines of the island the silhouette of their goddess of earth and fertility. They say that she takes all the men for herself, and their women and children follow them.

Envaitenet island
Envaitenet island

In addition, there are many completely ridiculous theories, ranging from aliens and ending with a mysterious submarine, people with which constantly destroy visitors to the island. It is hardly worth paying attention to them.

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